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5th District Representative of Pangasinan


By: Loejan S. Anudon

 One of the most controversial issues in the country today dividing an individual’s sense of right and wrong and making a din in religious opinions and beliefs in the different sects is the proposed reproductive health law; and its obvious omission during President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) held at the House of Representatives on July 25, 2011 was not lost on the supporters of the RH bill.                               >>>read more


By: Loejan S. Anudon

   The Reproductive Health Bill of 2011 is a controversial topic that has members of the 15th Congress of the Philippines furiously debating over the various issues concerning this bill. One of the bill’s strongest advocates is 5th District of Pangasinan Representative Kimi Cojuangco who also helped introduce House Bill 4244 (An Act providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development and for Other Purposes) in congress. Libradita Abrenica.                   

                                >>>read more


By: Loejan S. Anudon

   The formal atmosphere that engulfed the Day Care Mass Recognition Ceremony at Villasis Auditorium on March 29, 2011 turned euphoric when Congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco appeared. On her way in, and as the speakers exploded with the announcement of her arrival, she was immediately met by the town’s very active Lady Mayor, Libradita Abrenica.                   

                                >>>read more


By: Loejan S. Anudon

“All of these sounds so very good, the way you have described it, but  when you get down to the ground, it is a totally different situation”... KSC

                                >>>read more


By: Loejan S. Anudon

VILLASIS – Congresswoman Kimi S. Cojuangco sought validation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Bill in her message to the Girl Scouts of the Philippines Environmental Rally held at the Villasis Auditorium on October 2, 2010.                   >>>read more


By: Loejan S. Anudon

URDANETA CITY – Representative Kimi S. Cojuangco took time to inspect the ongoing overpass project along the busy highway in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan on September 23, 2010.                        >>>read more


By: Loejan S. Anudon

Congresswoman Kimi S. Cojuangco focused on the issue of reinforcing damaged flood controls from the devastations brought about by previous typhoons in her personal and collective privilege speech in the House of Congress on August 31, 2010.                >>>read more


By: Loejan S. Anudon

VILLASIS – San Blas Elementary School celebrated Linggo ng Wika with a fund raising activity aimed to raise an amount for the construction of a fence in the school’s eastern side.

                                    >>>read more


By: Loejan S. Anudon

New 5th District Representative Kimi S. Cojuangco sought the revival of the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) by re-filing the bill that was originally...............>>>read more


By: Loejan S. Anudon

      Still gripped by memories of the tremendous damage caused by the typhoons of 2009 particularly Pepeng, Congresswoman Kimi Cojuangco concentrated a great part of her of her initial tour visiting towns in her district that are most prone to flooding and typhoon related calamities. The congresswoman........>>>read more


BY: Loejan S. Anudon

      Pangasinan Fifth District Representative Kimi S. Cojuangco made her jurisdiction tour debut at the newly opened TESDA Training Center in Sison, Pangasinan on August 5, 2010 ..............>>>>read more


Villasis I Grabs Awards in the 11th National Science Quest

           Villasis District I, headed by the District Supervisor, Dr. Jocelyn R. Mina, garnered major awards in the 11th National Science Quest held at Teachers' Camp, Baguio City on February 10 - 12, 2014 which was represented by the different regions in the country.

          The intermediate pupils from Piaz Elementary School emerged as the Champion in the Sci-Folkdance, trained by Mrs. Liza N. Manantan and Mrs. Grace O. Garcia with Mr. Ariel M. Fernandez, Principal; pupils from Amamperez Elementary School placed 2nd in Tugsayawit, trained by Mr. Teofilo Ruiz Jr. with Mrs. Blesilda C. Costales, Principal; and Hannah Ashley Matias of Villasis I Central School ranked 3rd in the Science Quiz Bee, Grade III Level, coached by Mrs. Elizabeth A. Songcuan with Dr. Nelda S. Rabang, Principal.

          The Participants were first and second place winners in the Division Science Quest held at Juan C. Laya Memorial School, San Manuel, Pangasinan on November 8 -10, 2013.



          Activities of the National Science Quest were focused on the theme: Science and Technological Advancement: Enhancing Quality of Life Through Invention and Research. The said event was initiated by the Association of Science Educators of the Philippines (ASEP) aims to promote academic excellence.

          Other participants from Villasis I were Joel C. Solomon for Grade IV Science Quiz Bee, coached by Mrs. Vanessa U. Calonge and Jon Raimund R. Mina for Science Investigatory Project, Individual Category, trained by Ms. Liezel Dacanay and Mrs. Emy Rose M. Novila.


           February 17, 2014 was a red letter day for PNP-Villasis.
          Yesterday, after the flag raising ceremony at 8:00 AM, the Villasis Police Station under PCI Jesus O. Manalo, Jr., was awarded a Plaque of Recognition for their outstanding performance in the Anti-Drug Campaign of the Dangerous Drugs Board headed by Hon. Antonio “Bebot” A. Villar, Jr., Chairman, DDB. For the year 2013, PNP-Villasis has arrested nineteen (19) drug law violators and has filed eighteen (18) drug cases in the court of law, hence, the award for exemplary performance.
          Mayor Dick Villar of Sto. Tomas, Pangasinan, represented the Hon. Sec. Villar during the awarding ceremony as shown in the pictures. Assisting Mayor Villar were Mayor Dita, Vice Mayor Paz and SB Members, witnessed by municipal department heads and employees, PNP and BFP personnel, barangay captains and Villasis Water District Personnel.

          In the speech of Sec. Villar, read by Mayor Dick, he congratulated the Villasis Police Force for their accomplishment in safeguarding Villasis from criminalities. The award manifests the sincere dedication of these crime fighters and people protectors, he said. He urged them to continue doing their best in their fight against illegal drugs and its related activities and Sec. Villar pledged his strong and wholehearted support to whatever undertakings the PNP-Villasis may pursue for the benefit of Villasis and its people.
          Major Manalo, in his acceptance speech, thanked Sec. Villar and the Dangerous Drugs Board for the award. Likewise, he expressed his gratitude to PNP-Villasis personnel for their strong cooperation and to Mayor Dita, Vice Mayor Paz, SB Members and the Liga ng mga Barangay, headed by ABC Pres. Romeo S. Abrenica. He said the award will surely inspires them more to do their duties and responsibilities as crime busters and people protectors.
          Indeed, another feather is added in the cap of the PNP-Villasis!
          From the townspeople of Villasis: CONGRATULATIONS and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!


                  This year’s patronal and annual town fiesta was held on January 9-19, 2014. Again, it was great unforgettable and a success with more fun and merriments which Villasinians and visitors truly enjoyed.
        January 9, 4:00 A.M., two morning bands went around the thoroughfares in Villasis signaling the start of the 2014 town fiesta. At 8:00 o’clock in the morning, the painting contest (Villasis Heritage on Canvas) started at the New Public Auditorium with 20 contestants (category A: 20 elementary pupils and Category B: 8 High school students.) After the whole day painting contest, the canvasses were displayed in front of the municipal hall for final judging the next day. At 6:00 P.M., the Thanksgiving Night, sponsored by the Association of Christian Churches in Villasis, held at the New Public Auditorium. We really have lots to be thankful for the year 2013.
        January 10, as early as 3:00 A.M, people gathered in front of the municipal building for the most anticipated event, TALONG FESTIVAL with the live coverage of ABS-CBN’s Umagang kay Ganda featuring “Cooking Pinakbet sa Kawa” participated by 21 barangays, street dancing competition, talong cookfest, free concert and grand fireworks display at night. The cooked pinakbet was served as lunch to those who liked to partake the delicious dish.
As shown in the videos below, once again proves that Villasis Talong Festival is incomparable to other festivals. It stirs the feelings of Villasinians and spectators alike. Visitors and balikbayans truly enjoyed the event.
         After the UKG live coverage, the street dancing competition followed. Thousand of revelers packed the grounds of Villasis gymnasium to witness the amazing performances of the 7 contigents/participants in the street dancing contest: DRECMNHS,SAAA, Amamperez Agro-industrial High School, Barangobong NHS, Capulaan NHS, Piaz NHS and Unzad NHS. It was such an experience viewing all those high school students dressed in colorful costumes as they gracefully performed to the delight of the audience unmindful of the heat of the sun!


          At 1:30 in the afternoon, the Talong Cookfest, (101 Ways of Cooking Talong) was held with the 21 barangays well represented. The judges have grand time tasting the different new talong recipes the participants cooked. The following are the winners in the various contest during the Talong Festival:

          Painting Contest:

          Category A (Elementary)                          Category B (High School)
          1st - San Blas Elementary School                  1st - Barangobong NHS
          2nd – Bacag West Elementary School           2nd – DRECMNHS
          3rd – Barangobong Elementary School         3rd – Tombod Integrated School
          4th – Amamperez Elementary School
          5th – Bacag Central School

          Cooking Pinakbet sa Kawa                      Street Dancing
          1st  Place– Lomboy                                    1st– Piaz NHS
          2nd Place – Piaz                                          2nd – DRECMNHS
          3rd Place – Lipay                                        3rd – Barangobong NHS

         Talong Cookfest
          1st – Lomboy – Eggplant Rolls Filled with Pasta
          2nd – Pob Zone I – Chessy Eggplant Carbonara
          3rd – Barangobong – Eggplant Crepe

        As early as 5:30 P.M of January 10, people from all walks of life started going to the public auditorium for a seat nearer to the stage to have a better view of the famous artists, singers and bands featured in the free concert. Kay Brosas, Vin Abrenica and the ARPI & the Multi Vitamins Band wowed the audience with their music and performances. As the concert ends, the grand fireworks display followed… with ohhs… and wows…. And more ohhsss…. From the audience. What an event, enjoyable… unforgettable! Let’s look forward to Talong Festival 2015!

       On January 11, 12 and 17, the Grand Reunion/Fellowship Nights of Pacifican Colleges, PCC and SAAA respectively. Former students of these schools bonded together during their whole day affairs. Through the years these graduates meet each other during fiesta time, happy reminiscing their high school days.

       January 13, elementary pupils from Villasis I and Villasis II together with their parents and teachers trooped to the ground of the Villasis gym for this year’s Field Demonstration. Pictures below show young girls and young boys clad in their bright filipiniana attires as they danced to the tune of modern folk music. The audience clapped after every performance and surely the parents feel very proud as they witnessed how graceful their children performed, forgetting how much they paid for their costumes.


       On the night of January 13, balikbayans and visitors were invited to an early dinner at the residence of Nato & Mayor Dita Abrenica in Barangay Barraca. As in the past years, Gay night was as great as ever with local gays (exclusively Villasinians) competed for the title 2014 Miss Gay Villasis. Fabulous cash prizes went to the following winners.

               4th Runner-Up     -              Aiko Racca from Brgy. Puelay
               3rd Runner-Up     -              Gerald Jerona from Brgy. Barraca
               2nd Runner-Up    -              Tony Cuison from Brgy. Lipay
               1st Runner-Up     -              Ariel Fernandez from Brgy. San Nicolas
               Queen, Miss gay 2014     Jumar Talaro from Brgy. Labit

         Aside from the above major awards, there were also 15 minor awards.

          It is heartwarming to note that the Committee on Gay Night, headed by Melody Fontanilla and Tetchie Guerrero, never bothered the fiesta committee regarding their budget because they were the ones who solicited cash prizes from balikbayans, from generous friends, municipal & provincial officials and townmates.

         Good job Villasis Gay Association of Villasis!

         January 14, Barangay Night, as always, it was jam-packed with barangay folks from 21 barangays. The biggest delegation came from Brgy. Caramutan, the second from Brgy. Capulaan and the third from Brgy. Puelay. The Hon. Congw. Kimi Cojuangco was the guest of honor and speaker and in her speech she again lauded the strong unity of the Liga ng mga Barangay headed by ABC President, Hon. Romeo S. Abrenica. Aside from Congw. Kimi, provincial officials graced this year’s Barangay Night:BM Clemente Niño Arboleda , Jr. , Provincial Liga President BM Pogi Espino and Pozorrubio Coun. Dennis Uy who represented his father BM Danilo C. Uy with the presence of our municipal officials.


          Instead of the usual Monthly Socialization of Senior Citizens, they have their one night during the Villasis Town Fiesta 2014 on January 15, 2014 with no less than their mentor, Former Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica as their Guest Speaker. Other guest include Sangguniang Bayan Member Judith M. Morden, Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan, Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica, Board Member Clemente B. Arboleda, and Vice Governor Jose Ferdie Calimlim. All of them gave their messages. The new set of officers of RAV were also inducted.
            Highlight of the night is the coronation of Senior Citizens beauties. The muse of RAV, Mrs. Erlinda A. Vinluan was crowned by 2013 Muse Dr. Belinda S. Barrozo; 4th Runner up Mrs. Herminia U. Rabara by Mrs. Lucita G. Abrenica, 3rd Runner- up Mrs. Antonia C. Fontanilla by Ms. Ismaela V. Mortera, 2nd Runner- up  Mrs. Vicky M. Evangelista by Mrs. Leticia V. Rebebes, 1st Runner-up Mrs. Belinda M. Raguindin by Mrs. Josefina M. Ventura & Mrs. Senior Citizen 2014, Mrs. Erlinda A. Rafanan  was crowned by Mrs. Maria M. Uminga.

         Last January 16, we have the first DepEd Night participated by Villasis I & Villasis II teachers, DRECMNHS, 5 barangay high school, SAAA and other private schools in Villasis. It was a night of music and dances as shown in these p[pictures: Villasis District I teachers dancing Hawaiian  dance; Villasis District II teachers, DRECMNHS showed their prowess in ballroom and modern dancing. Yeah, teachers are not only good mentors in classrooms, they also good dancers! Mdm. Viraluz Raguindin, Mayor Dita, Vice Mayor Paz and other guests enjoyed watching the teachers performed. Hopefully, next fiesta we will have again DepEd Night, with more presentations.


        January 17 was the feast of our Patron, Saint Anthony Abbot. There was a 7:00 A.M procession followed by 9:00 A.M concelebrated mass led by Bishop Rev. Fr. Jacinto A. Jose, attended by municipal officials and employees, balikbayans, barangay leaders and catholic devotees of Saint Anthony Abbot parish.

        At 7:00 A.M of January 18, the parade started from the Barraca Triangular Park to the open grounds of the Villasis gymnasium. It was such a breezy Saturday morning, people waited along the roads for the parade to pass as they chant words of happiness and excitement as the floats of the fiesta reining beauties, senior citizens’ beauties and floats of Annak ti Villasis of Canada, Municipal Officials, Department heads, Executive and Working Committes.

        After the parade, Band showdown followed. The crowd enjoyed so much because it was not a hot sunny day, to the contrary, a perfect day for outdoor event. The Virgen Milagrosa University Drum and Bugle Corps started their performance by playing “Himig Villasis” to the delight of audience. While the University of Luzon Band performed well with new styles. The two bands’ 30 minute performance left the spectators awed and amazed. It was a spectacular band showdown.
 The VMU drum and Bugle Corps was donated by the Itchon Family while Ms Lorna Abrena & Family & Mr. Rey Abrenica & Family donated the University of Luzon Band.


         Below were pictures taken during the Coronation/Balikbayan Night last January 18, 2014. Coronation guests were: Gov. Amado T. Espino represented by BM Pogi Espno, Miss Villasis 2013 Ms Rejean S. Labarete, Mdm Viraluz Raguindin, Dr. Rodilon Bañez, Mrs. Fedeliz Delos Reyes-Geldart, Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, Vice Mayor Paz Rafanan & B/Kgd Salvador Rafanan, Miss Susan Organo & Coun Louie Sison. Many Villasinians based abroad and outside Villasis came home to join their townmates in celebrating 2014 town fiesta.

         Three reining beauties: Mrs. Florida Macanas-Rinion, Mrs. Villasis 2014, Mrs. Elizabeth Pattaguan-Cenizan, 1st Runner Up, and Dr. Russanie Quintana Gravides, 2nd Runner Up looked regally beautiful, happy and pour as shown in the pictures.


          Januray 19, the Voice of Villasis (Battle of the Champions) chaired by no less the Vice Mayor paz S. Rafanan, the Execom Chairman of VTF 2014, culminated the 2014 town fiesta. There were 8 contestants in the Bulilit Portion and 10 contestants in the Main Portion.

          Indeed, Villasis has many talented people!

          And the winners are:

        BULILIT PORTION                                                                MAIN PORTION

CHIRSLYN A. SANTIAGO                      CHAMPION               RICA MAE C. MAER
LUCILLE ANTONETTE A. SISON         1st Place                       MARY ROSE B. ROSARIO            
PRINCESS TOBY MANANGAN            2nd Place                     PRINCESS NICOL P. DEL FINADO

         Congratulations to all those people who really worked hard in the preparation of the various fiesta activities that largely contributed in the success of Villasis Town Fiesta 2014.

LAB Christmas Party 2013

           As early as 7:00 o’clock in the morning of December 13, 2013, proud and excited members of Ladies Brigade (LaB) of Villasis, Inc. trooped to the public auditorium for their Christmas Celebration and Induction of new members. Almost 2,000 members jampacked the auditorium. At exactly 9:00 AM, the program started with an Invocation by Punong Barangay Susan Ogana of Brgy. La Paz followed by the community singing of the National Anthem and Himig Villasis. After the Welcome Address of the LaB President, Dr. Rosalinda S. Locquiao, she inducted the new members of LaB, in behalf of Mayor Dita who was not able to attend the affair due to the death of the mother of Former Mayor Nato. Vice Governor Ferdinand Calimlim, Jr., Vice Mayor Paz Rafanan and SB member Louie Q. Sison, grace the occasion thru their Christmas Messages.

          In between the parts of the program, 150 “Pang-noche Buena” groceries/packages were raffled, as shown in the pictures, winners happily and thankfully received their groceries.

          The winners in the dance contest (Whoos Kiri) were the following with their respective prizes and donors:

          1st Prize   -    Hillside    -   (Capulaan, Unzad, Labit, La Paz)
                    P5,000.00     Donor:  Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr.
          2nd Prize  -   Riverside  -  (Amamperez, Barangobong, Puelay, Lipay)
                    P3,000.00     Donor:  Vice-Gov. Ferdinand Calimlim, Jr.
          3rd Prize  -   Alongside  -  )Caramutan, Piaz, San Blas)
                    P2,000.00     Donor:  BM Niño Arboleda, Jr.

          Below are pictures taken during the dance contest. Beautiful dancers in their colorful costumes showing their dancing prowess:






          The most anticipated part of the program – the awarding of the 7 winners in the Raffle Draw of the LaB Livelihood Sari-Sari Store package (worth P10,000 each) assistance from LGU-Villasis and LAB and the winners are:

  1. Virgie R. Gaerlan          -         Capulaan, Villasis, Pangasinan
  2. Marife J. Ladia             -         Amamperez, Villasis, Pangasinan
  3. Juliana B. Mumar         -         Bacag, Villasis, Pangasinan
  4. Esmeralda L. Casuga   -         Piaz, Villasis, Pangasinan
  5. Conchita Vinluan -         Zone V, Poblacion, Villasis, Pangasinan
  6. Julieta De Vera            -         Lipay, Villasis, Pangasinan
  7. Imelda V. Ubaldo          -         Caramutan, Villasis, Pangasinan

           Mrs. Amy E. Nitor of Barraca was the able Emcee during the program.





          The “Balitok A Tawir” Pangasinan Culture and Arts Festival is already on its 3rd year. This year’s festival was held last December 10, 2013 at the Sison Auditorium in Lingayen, Pangasinan, with competitions in Choral Singing (14 groups), Folkdance (19  groups) and 2 groups in Zarzuela.
          For the first time, the Municipality of Villasis sent the following participants in the folkdance contest:
                 ELSIE M RABARA                              ELMER M. TUGADE
                 HAIDEE R. SUYAT                             ROLANDO NALAPO
                 ROSALINDA S. LOCQIUAO               BONIJU R. ALVARADO
                 LIEZEL B. TUBIG                               FERDINANDAUSTRIA
                 ELVIRA C. REYNON                          STEPHEN C. GO
                 EVELYN S. ALCANTARA                   FRANCIS G. CUISON
                 KATHRYNNES AQUINO                    EMERSON ALCANTARA
                ISMAELA A. ESPIRITU                      MELCHOR M. PEREZ





          As shown in the pictures below, the participants with Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, Vice Mayor Paz Rafanan and municipal department heads who attended the event and gave moral support to the participants. The LGU dancers performed well and gracefully “ Pantil Pilalikan”, a Pangasinan Folkdance. They were adjudged No. 8 in the folkdance contest.




          The Newly-Elected Barangay Officials of Villasis (2013-2016) took their oath of office last Friday, November 29, 2013, 8:30 A.M. at the Villasis Public Auditorium.

          The program started with an Invocation led by Barangay Kawagad Arturo P. Labiste of Brgy. Bacag, followed by the community singing of Pambansang Awit and Himig Villasis. Hon. Romeo S. Abrenica , the incumbent President  of the Liga ng mga Barangay gave his words of welcome. The newly-elected barangay officials were introduced by MLGOO Shiela E. Velasquez. Pictures below were taken during the oath taking ceremonies of the newly-elected Punong Barangay s and Barangay Kagawads with Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, the Administering Officer. Mayor Dita, in her inspirational message, she congratulated the barangay officials. She urged them to continue supporting all the various developmental program and projects of the municipal government, especially the Clean and Green Program.

          Certificates of Recognition were awarded to the three (3) termer barangay officials, those who have served 9 consecutive years as barangay official. Mayor Dita led the awarding and assisted by  Vice Mayor Paz and Liga ng mga Barangay Pres. Romeo Abrenica and Sangguniang Bayan Members: Louie Sison, Nong Costales, Cheryll Tan, Domingo Rafanan, Judith Morden, Arvin Castro, Ritchie Cacapit and Rolly Morden.


          In her closing remarks, Vice Mayor Paz congratulated the newly installed barangay officials and enjoined them all to set aside politics and instead they must be united and join their hands and work together for the advancement of their respective barangays and the whole Villasis, as well.

           Congratulations! Mabuhay kayong lahat!
           MABUHAY VILLASIS!!!

       Punong Barangay                                           Barangay

  1. Remegion M. Barnachea                              Amamperez
  2. Marion R. Mina                                           Bacag
  3. Felix Ferdinand R. Sison                              Barangobong
  4. Romeo S. Abrenica                                     Barraca
  5. Amado C. Cenizan                                      Capulaan
  6. Jessie L. Fabro                                           Caramutan         
  7. Susan O. Ogana                                          La Paz
  8. Herminigildo Q. Isidro                                 Labit
  9. Leny B. Sembran                                        Lipay
  10. Rodrigo F. Ordoño                                      Lomboy
  11. Dionisio F. Joaquin                                      Piaz
  12. Teofilo S. Salazar Jr.                                   Puelay
  13. Marlon D. Olivar                                        San Blas
  14. Beverly O. Orial                                         San Nicolas
  15. Mamerto O. Bulatao Jr.                              Tombod
  16. Leon T. Delos Reyes                                   Unzad
  17. Alex. B. Sison                                             Pob. Zone I
  18. Liberato M. Mina                                        Pob. Zone II
  19. Ruben L. Cariaso                                        Pob Zone III
  20. Clifford J. Bascos                                       Pob. Zone IV
  21. Domingo R. Alcayaga Jr.                             Pob. Zone V



         The Ilocos Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium (ILARRDEC) and the Municipality of Villasis, Pangasinan thru its Farmers Information and Technology Services Center (FITS Center) distributed 560 dragon fruit cuttings/ plantings materials to the identified Four (4) Elementary schools in the municipality as Dragon Fruit Production pilot sites under the Strengthening FITS or SFITS Program of the PCARRD-DOST.

       The distribution was held in front of the Villasis Town Hall on November 28, 2013 with the presence of Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica, ILARRDEC Staff, Prof. Benica Briones of PSU, MAO/FITS staff and the School Heads and teachers of the 4 school recipients namely; Labit Elementary School, Lapaz Elementary School, Capulaan Elementary School and Amamperez Elementary School. Each school was given 140 dragon fruit cuttings which will be planted in 30 posts in their respective school campus. The project aimed to establish an additional income generating project of the schools.




        The Municipal Government of Villasis, Pangasinan just recently launched the Rice Contract Growing Project for this dry cropping season 2013-2014. It was held at the Villasis Municipal Town Hall on November 25, 2013 which was attended by qualified rice farmer-borrowers. Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica with the Municipal Agriculture Office personnel led the distribution of Certified Palay seeds to farmer-recipients. An initial target of 150 hectares to be planted with rice on a contract growing scheme which can produce 750 metric tons of palay, which will be dried at the Villasis Drying Facility in Brgy. Unzad, Villasis, Pangasinan. A total of 300 bags of certified palay seeds and 1,500 bags of Fertilizers (46-0-0 & 14-14-14) will be distributed to interested farmer-borrowers under the program.

      The components of the project include 2 bags of Certified Palay seeds, 10 bags Fertilizers (6 bags Urea & 4 bags 14-14-14) per hectare basis and availment of Farm Machineries (Tractors & Rice combine harvester) with subsidized fees. All production components (seeds and fertilizers) are interest-free. Qualified farmer-borrowers shall enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the LGU regarding on the implementation of Rice Contract Growing Project DS 2013-2014.  





             The Municipality of Villasis, Pangasinan thru the Municipal Agriculture Office conducted a Farmer’s Consultation Meeting regarding the operation of Villasis Warehouse and Drying Facility and Farm Mechanization Program. The objective of the activity was to inform the farmers and presented to them the actual operating cost of drying palay at the Drying Facility last Wet Season 2013 and discussed future plans and program in line with the operation of the Palay Drying Facility for this Dry Season 2013-2014 (Palay 2nd cropping). The consultative meeting was scheduled on a clustering approach and was conducted in the different strategic venues in the municipality, to wit;


Clustered Barangays

Venue of Meeting


Cluster I:
Barraca, Poblacion Zone 1-5, San Nicolas, Lomboy

Villasis Livelihood Training Center
Barraca, Villasis, Pangasinan

November 12, 2013
(Tuesday) @ 1:30 PM

Cluster II:
Piaz, Caramutan, Lipay, San Blas

Caramutan Elementary School
Caramutan, Villasis, Pangasinan

November 14, 2013
(Thursday) @ 1:30 PM

Cluster III:
Barangobong, Puelay, Amamperez

Barangobong Elementary School
Barangobong, Villasis, Pangasinan

November 18, 2013
(Monday) @ 1:30 PM

Cluster IV:
Unzad, Labit, Lapaz, Capulaan

Unzad Gymnasium
Unzad, Villasis, Pangasinan

November 19, 2013
(Tuesday) @ 1:30 PM

Cluster V:
Bacag, Tombod

Bacag Central School
Bacag, Villasis, Pangasinan

November 20, 2013
(Wednesday) @ 1:30 PM

The consultation meeting was attended by the Former Congressman Mark Cojuangco, Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica and Former Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica who served as the moderator, Mun. Engineer Vladimir Torres, Mun. Agriculturist Cornelio L. Atchuela and the Mun. Agriculture Office staff. Other guests from the neighboring municipalities in the 5th district of Pangasinan were also present to observe during the conduct of the meeting. A total of 200-250 farmers attended the meeting per cluster venue.

During the meeting, Mun. Engineer Vladimir Torres explained the computed actual cost of drying palay per kilo based on the actual operations of the Drying Facility while Mun. Agriculturist Cornelio Atchuela explained the cost of sun drying on per kilo basis. Former Mayor Nato Abrenica encouraged the farmers to use the drying facility in drying their palay produce and emphasized the advantages of using it. He also stressed that the LGU will implement an interest-free Rice Contract Growing Scheme for this dry season 2013-2014 and the availability of Farm Machineries with subsidized fees.

On the other hand, Former congressman Mark Cojuangco, on his message, mentioned that the Drying Facility was established to benefit all farmers in Villasis in terms of drying their palay produced. He also explained the importance and advantages of using mechanical dryer. He gratefully welcomed and answered the queries of farmers regarding on the operations of the dryer. Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica also delivered her message and encouraged the farmers to use the drying facility for they are the main beneficiaries of the project.



              The Municipal Government of Villasis, Pangasinan distributed 100 cans of Hybrid onion seeds (Red Creole) to 40 onion growers in Villasis, Pangasinan as seed assistance under the High Value Commercial Development Program of the Department of Agriculture Region I. The distribution was conducted at the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist on November 5, 2013 and was witnessed by Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica, Mun. Agriculturist Cornelio Atchuela and staff. Aside from the red creole, an additional 20 cans white onion hybrid seeds (Yellow Granex variety) were distributed to 10 onion growers which will be planted in a 2 hectare land as a Technology Demonstration site located at Brgy. Amamperez, Villasis, Pangasinan.




BY: DR. JOCELYN R. MINA-District I Supervisor

             Anchored on Mayor Dita Abrenica’s principle “kayang-kaya kung sama-sama,” Villasis District I outshined 32 other districts in the Division of Pangasinan II in different major competitions. This significant achievement was possible through the strong leadership of the District Supervisor, Dr. Jocelyn R. Mina, and the unwavering support of the school heads of the district namely: Mrs. Gloria L. Aruego, Dr. Nelda S. Rabang, Mrs. Blesilda C. Costales, Mr. Ariel M. Fernandez, Mr. Orville L. Benigno, Mr. Joel M. Solomon, and Mrs. Monna Liza S. Bajo. In the same way, the patience and determination of the coaches/trainors and the outstanding talents of the students resulted to this superb job.
            With the spirit of communal unity and hard working efforts to achieve a common goal, Villasis I garnered the following distinctions, not only for the district, but for the town of Villasis.

             30th National Quiz Bee in Mathematics, First Place winner is Jon Raimund R. Mina with coach Mrs. Milagros G. Aquino

Pangasinan II Mathematics Festival, Overall Champion

  • Quizzers are Jon Raimund R. Mina, Julia Carla D. Ganao, Dion Luis M. Mingaracal, Kristine Angeline A. Delelis, Krystelle Anne C. Macaraeg, Genesis Mae Ladesma, Eli Joshua L. Evangelista and Carl Justine Lustina. The coaches for the quiz bee are Mrs. Milagros G. Aquino, Mrs. Dolores C. Cariño, Mrs. Charisma U. Honrado, Mrs. Evelyn R. Toralba, Mrs. Lina A. Aquino, Mrs. Melinda B. Sabino and Mr. Emmanuel O. Cenizan.
  • DaMath Competers are Gladimer B. Marquez, Elijan Angel S. Agbanay and Rey-Jay R. Luquiran. Their coaches are Mrs. Delia C. Ermita, Mr. Gilbert R. Ragudo and Mrs. Josephine R. Liwanag.
  • Tower of Hanoi by George Jean R. Ragudo with coach Mr. Gilbert R. Ragudo, and Modulo Art by Vincent S. Quiñiones with coach Mrs. Marilyn R. Gacayan.

Pangasinan II English Olympics, Overall Champion

  • Poem Recitation by Nazareth C. Maala,  Declamation by Viene Marie C. Tengco, Spelling by Dion Luis C. Mingaracal, Quiz Bee by Kryz Lei O. Olivar, Joel C. Solomon, Jr., and Chanel Ysabell Padilla, and Oration by Kariina Malaya Q. Lopez. Their coaches are Mrs. Editha N. Sibayan, Mrs. Myrna V. Marcos, Mrs. Dolores C. Cariño, Mrs. Olivia S. Bada, and Mrs. Emy Rose M. Novila.

Pangasinan II Cultural Arts Festival, Overall Champion, representing the Municipality of Villasis

  • Piaz Elementary School Dance Troupe – Mrs. Daisy G. Sabado & Mrs. Liza N. Manantan, trainors
  • Jet R. Toralba, Super Quiz Bee– Mr. Sony C. Mingaracal, coach

Pangasinan II Super Quiz Bee in Araling Panlipunan, 1st Place winner is Jet R. Toralba with coach Mr. Sony C. Mingaracal

Pangasinan II Patimpalak sa Filipino, First Place in Pagbigkas ng Daniw by Nazareth C. Maala and Best Compositor in Ilocano by Mrs. Editha N. Sibayan. The Composition entitled “Gayyem” was published in a regional magazine.

Pangasinan II Science Quest, Overall 2nd Runner-Up

  • Quizzers are Hannah Matias, Dion Mingaracal, Joel Solomon, Jr., Jet R. Toralba, Ethan Ancheta, Rocky John C. Mina, Robea Lorraine Gavina, Justine Bles Costales, and Marius Matias.
  • Science Investigatory Project (Individual) by Jon Raimund R. Mina, Collage-Making Teacher Category by Mrs. Luzviminda Gatan, and Science Investigatory Project (Team) by Jet R. Toralba, Christine Low Molano and Joveluz Paycana

Pangasinan II Youth for Environment in School Organization (YES-O) Camp, Overall 3rd Runner-Up, Most Environment Friendly Camp, Biggest Delegation, Earliest Delegation

  • Search for Munting Bayani ng Kalikasan was bagged by Jon Raimund R. Mina with coach Mrs. Maricel D. Quiming, Binibining Kalikasa by Chelsea Ephraille S. Orallo with coach Mrs. Emy Rose M. Novila and Sci-Quiz by Ethan Heinrich D. Ancheta with coach Miss Leizel A. Dacanay
  • Piaz ES Sci-Folk Dance by Mrs. Grace Garcia, Amamperez  ES Tugsayawit  by Mrs. Myla M. Cenizan, Barangobong ES Sci-Mod-Tech Dance by Mrs. Imelda M. Mairina, Puelay ES Exhibit  by Mrs. Maricel D. Quiming

Pangasinan II Contest in Journalism, Overall 3rd Runner-Up

  • Feature Writing by Richmond C. Racuya and Renyell Jan C. Rafanan, Photo Journalism by Chelsea Ephraille S. Orallo and Zevon Andry A. Osio, Editorial Cartooning by Ethan Heinrich D. Ancheta, News Writing by Jeiah G. Sibayan, Editorial Writing by Jet R. Toralba,  and Newswriting by Viene Marie C. Tengco. The  coaches are Mrs. Olivia S. Bada, Mrs. Evelyn R. Toralba, Mrs. Charisma U. Honrado, Mrs. Vanesaa U. Calonge, Mrs. Ellen A. Cariño, and Mrs. Emy Rose M. Novila.



Promote Good Nutrition (PGN) – Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Training

              The National Nutrition Council (NNC) in cooperation with LGU Villasis conducted a five day barangay level training on PGN-IYCF last November 11-15, 2013 at the Municipal Conference Room, Villasis Town Hall. This activity targeted eight (8) barangays as 2nd batch (1st batch of trainees was trained last June 17-21, 2013) which was composed of barangays Barangobong, Tombod, Lomboy, San Blas, Caramutan, Unzad, La Paz and Poblacion Zone I. There were four (4) participants per barangay composed of the Barngay Nutrition Scholar (BNS), Barangay Health Worker (BHW), Parent Leader, and Kagawad on Helath or Rural Health Midwife.

            The objective of the 5-day live out training is to build capacities of local implementers in advocating good nutrition which will enhance knowledge and skills on the promotion of desirable infant and young child feeding practices, basic nutrition among families and the promotion of vegetables and egg including the key messages of the Nutrition Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF).

            Mayor Dita Abrenica, in her speech during the last day, emphasized the importance of exclusive breastfeeding and proper complementary feeding to the participants. She also encouraged everyone to make sure that they share what they have learned in this training to their constituents in their respective barangays. She also said that this training is very relevant and timely and that we should be thankful for being able to be trained with these topics.

             The trained facilitators and lecturers were the Municipal Nutritionist, Public Health Nurse and all the Rural Health Midwives, Prizes were gives to the top scorers in the pre-test and post-test, respectively. There were also prizes to the best group and all participants were also given incentives from NNC.


Re-Launching of Corn Production Program CY 2013 in Villasis


         The Municipal Government of Villasis with the ABONO Partylist and the Provincial Government of Pangasinan recently held the re-launching of Corn Production Program for this cropping year 2013. The activity was held on October 23, 2013 at the Villasis Public Auditorium which was attended by 200 corn farmers who are willing to avail of the program. The program was also attended by Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calimlim, Board Member Niño Arboleda, Ofrociano Manalo, ABONO Partylist, Treasurer Mr. Romy Co, Vice President of the Hog Raisers Federation of the Philippines, Municipal Officials of Villasis headed by Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica, Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan, Councilors Rolando B. Morden Louie Q. Sison, MAFC Chairman Feliciano G. Amorin and Municipal Agriculturist Cornelio L. Atchuela and Staff.

         In her message, Mayor Dita Abrenica thanked the ABONO Partylist and the Provincial Government of Pangasinan for their continuous support in the implementation of Corn Production Program in the municipality for its 3rd consecutive year. Under the program which was started December 2011, Mayor Dita mentioned that the municipality has served 592 corn farmer beneficiaries with a total area of 534 hectares applied and distributed 1067 bags of corn seeds, 3189 bags of Urea Fertilizer and 2231 bags of Complete (14-14-14) Fertilizer which are interest free and collateral-free. For this 2013 cropping, she stressed that the municipality has targeted an area of 200 hectares corn production under the program.

        Mayor Dita with Vice Governor Ferdinand Calimlim and other guests led the ceremonial distribution of corn seeds and fertilizers to farmer-recipients, followed by the signing of Memorandum of Agreement between the concerned stakeholders.


SSS AlkanSSSya Program and Ilocano Group supports "Sa Villasis, Malinis"

           By Virgilio Sar. Maganes
             VILLASIS-The cleanliness campaign of Mayor Libradita Go-Abrenica has been intensified when the United Ilocandia Civic Action Group (UI-CAG), Villasis Chapter donated 20 units of trash cans to be placed in strategic areas of the business center.
            “I welcome your assistance and acknowledge your donation. I hope more organizations will do the same to help in the development of our town. You are our partners in the town’s development,” said Mayor Abrenica during the simple turn over in front the municipal hall last October 7.
Abrenica further lauded the officers and members of the UI-CAG for coming up a noble project supporting her environmental protection advocacy.
            “ Who will help in improving our town if not ourselves?” she asked.
Speaking in behalf of the organization, UI national adviser Amante “Boying” Reyes explained that the civic action activities of the organization are a departure from the bad impression for “fraternities and sororities” organizations.
“ Due to bad impressions about fraternal organizations, we devised ways to make UI a productive organization. The civic action group was borne out of the desire to help in development undertakings in towns as well as in communities,” Reyes said.
             Reyes further said more 20 trash cans will be donated by the group quarterly until the whole town including barangays will be covered.
             The donation of trash cans was in collaboration with Councilor Richie V. Cacapit who included “environmental protection and cleanliness” in his advocacies during the campaign in May 2013 elections.
            “I am deeply elated that our ‘kakabagis’ (brothers) in UI are supportive to my advocacies. In return, I am also conveying my thanks to them and promise to help the organization in any manner that I can,” Cacapit said.
Cacapit is a member of good standing of UI along with other municipal employees of this town.
             UI-CAG, Villasis Chapter has undertaken community projects like donating two units of computer sets in Tombod Integrated School, provided basketball board and ring in Lomboy village, participated in bloodletting activity in coordination with the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) and conducted assistance activities for motorist during Holy Week.
             UI was founded in 1965 as a fraternity/sorority organization.


             Meanwhile, the AlkanSSSya program of the Social Security System (SSS) was formally launched in a simple program last October 11 in front of the town’s public market.
            The first beneficiaries are the members of the Villasis Federation of Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association Inc. (VFTODAI) who voluntarily promised to continuously deposit P12 per day in their designated slots in the steel box.
            VFTODAI President Noel Castillo thanked Councilor Richie V. Cacapit, Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica and the officials of the SSS for bringing the program in the town.
           “This alkanSSSya program will be of great help to us, not only for us drivers but including our families. In behalf of our members, we extend thanks to Councilor (Richie) Cacapit and Mayor (Dita) Abrenica for their support. Thank you SSS for the AlkanSSSya Program,” Castillo said.
            Councilor Cacapit exhorted the members of VFTODAI to nurture the program.
           “This is one of the initiatives I promised you during the election campaign to help tricycle drivers alleviate their living conditions. I will help you the best way I can. I personally thank Mayor Abrenica for her wholehearted support for this program. I also thank SSS for immediately acting when I requested that the alkanSSSya program will be implemented in our town,” Cacapit said, even as he thanked his “bagis” in the United Ilocandia Civic Action Group (UI-CAG) for their support.
            Ms. Vilma P. Agapito, SSS’ Division head-Luzon Central Cluster, thanked the officers of VFTODAI, Councilor Cacapit and Mayor Abrenica for their commitment and support to the AlkanSSSya Program, which she said was a powerful tool to help those in the informal sector groups (ISGs) like tricycle drivers, vendors, farmers, fishermen and even housewives to alleviate their lives and for their future.
           “With this program, SSS is going nearer to you. There’s no need for you to go to our SSS offices to deposit your contributions which is tedious and cumbersome. I urged you to continue your contributions because many benefits await every member ,” Agapito said.
            She said the various benefits of the members are burial assistance, personal loans, educational assistance, accident/hospitalization and during retirement after reaching the age of 60.
Mayor Abrenica likewise reiterated her commitment to the members of VFTODAI and SSS .
            “When Councilor Cacapit approached me to implement the program, I immediately consented because I know that it will be beneficial to the tricycle drivers and operators. We will give thanks to Councilor Cacapit for initiating this program in our town. Within a span of short period, he has already accomplished much for the development of the town. I wish to thank also the officials and employees of SSS for the program,” Mayor Abrenica said.
           After the program, VFTODAI represented by Noel Castillo and SSS represented by Ms. Vilma P. Agapito signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) for the implementation of AlkanSSSya Program in the town.
          The signing of MOA was witnessed by Councilor Cacapit and officers of SSS-mma Laureta, and Ben Cesar R. Balbin.



            Through the efforts of Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan, Exec. Com. Chairman, VTF 2014 & Dr. Belinda S. Barrozo, Chairman, Committee on Popularity Contest 2014, finally, there are now three official candidates for the Mrs. Villasis 2014 and Now Who Will Be Mrs. Villasis 2014?

         The presentation and first canvassing will be on October 30, 2013, 3:00 P.M. at the Villasis Gymnasium. The last canvassing will be on December 27, 2013, 7:00 PM at Villasis Public Auditorium, proceeds of the popularity contest will be for the renovation of the Villasis Gymnasium.

        Calling all friends, relatives and sponsors of the three candidates, LET US SUPPORT MRS. VILLASIS POPULARITY CONTEST 2014.


Villasis Has New COP

            A true bloodied Villasinian is the new Villasis Chief of Police in the person of Police Chief Inspector Jesus Obillo Manalo Jr. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Manlao Sr. of Bargy. Barraca Villasis,Pangasinan. He was born on August 10 1973, married to Ma. Assumption Macosi and they have three sons: Jesus III, Mark Aldrian and Aaron James.

          Major Manalo is a licensed criminologist, graduated from the University of Baguio with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Criminology in October 1994 and passed the Napolcom PO examinations in October1995. He Started his MILITARY/POLICE servcies in 1996 at PNP headquarters, Camp Crame as Police Officer I.

        Starting as Patrolman, Major Manalo rose from the ranks of police service and from then on he became one of the Pangasinan commissioned Police Officers (Lateral Entry) in 2003.

        Before he was assigned to Villasis, Major Manalo's last stint was as chief of police in Umingan, Pangasinan for almost 2 years. He was also a recipient of various medals and awards as manifestation of his performance and dedications as Police Officer.

     When the new COP was introduced by Mayor Dita during August 19 flag ceremony. the young Major Manalo thanked God he was assigned in Villasis, his hometown and promised to do the best he can to lead PNP-Villasis Personnel in fighting criminalities and lawlessness and always maintain peace and order municipal wide.

       With Major Manalo's leadership, policemen are now visible in strategic areas, there is quick police response to calls for assistance and speedy and thorough investigation of cases.


2013 International Math Olympiad Winners

            Palm Spring Montessori Integrated School, Inc. in brgy. Barraca Villasis, Pangasinan is an accredited Training Center for the Mathematics Trainers Guild (MTG) of the Philippines. MTG is a non-stock and no-profit organization of mathematics teachers, committed to develop and promote excellence in mathematics education and training in the country. To achieve these goals, it gives upgrading seminars to taachers and train mathematically gifted students for international mathematics competitions.

           Last July 24-28, 2013 and August 2-5, 2013, MTG-PSMISI sent participants to compete in international math competitions in Hongkong and Singapore, respectively. Many MTG kids brought home the victory to the country. These math wizzards gave a courtesy call to Mayor Dita G. abrenica last September 27, 2013, accompanied by their parents and Mrs. Dahlia L. Manantan, PSMISI School Director and Mrs. Concesa Rapacon, Regional Director, MTG. Mayor Dita happily congratulated the kids and their parents as shown in the pictures.

        Below is the complete list of international winners;


Jan Cedrick J. Quintin 9th International Math Competition(Singapore) Silver Medalist Urdaneta City Mother Goose SSSI
Francesca Loraine I. Olivar King of Mathematics  Bronze Medalist Villasis, Pang. Palm Spring MISI
Green Cup Bronze Medalist
Asia Cup Silver Medalist
Janssen Reign Peña King of Mathematics  Bronze Medalist San Nicolas, Pang. Mother Goose SSSI
Green Cup Bronze Medalist
Asia Cup 2nd Honor
Leonard Luis Peña King of Mathematics  Certificate of Merit San Nicolas, Pang. Mother Goose SSSI
Green Cup Bronze Medalist
Asia Cup 2nd Honor
Lyle Wenzel Tamayo King of Mathematics  Certificate of Merit Villasis, Pang. Mother Goose SSSI
Green Cup Bronze Medalist
Asia Cup 3rd Honor
Lyra Winette Tamayo King of Mathematics  Certificate of Merit Villasis, Pang. Mother Goose SSSI
Green Cup 3rd Honor
Claro Emmanuel R. Monsanto Green Cup Certificate of Merit Sto. Tomas, Pang. Palm Spring MISI





July 1, 2013 – 1st Flag Ceremony

            The Municipal Officials of Villasis attended the first Monday Flag Ceremony, Last July 1, 2013, 8:00 AM infornt of the Town Hall. As shown in the picture, Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan, Municipal Councilors: nicholi Jan Louie Q. Sison, Centenielo Ramon R. Costales Jr, Cheryll Z. Tan, Domingo R. Rafanan, Judith M. Morden, Arvin B. Cstro, Richie V. Cacapit, Rolando B. Morden, SK Fed Pres. Jamille Q. Sison and ABC Pres. Romeo S. Abrenica. They were joined by the municipal department heads and employees, PNP-Villasis Personnel, BFP Villasis Personnel, Barangay Captains and Villasis Water District Personnel.



             The newly-elected municipal officials of Villasis (2013-2016) were sworn into office last June 28, 2013, 8:30 A.M. at the Villasis Public Auditorium, by no other than, Hon. Antonio Bebot A. Villar, Jr. Chairman, Dangerous Drugs Board. The program started with an invocation led by Rev. Father Diomedes S. Laguerta, Parish Priest of St. Anthony Abbot Parish Church. After the community singing of national Anthem and Himig Villasis, Ms. Shiela E. Velasquez, MLGOO V gave her welcome address and presented the newly-elected municipal officials.

        As shown in the pictures, the induction of the newly-elected municipal officials: Mun. Councilors Roalndo B. Morden, Richie V. Cacapit, Arvin B. Castro, Domingo R. Rafanan, Cheryll Z. Tan, Centenielo Ramon R. Costales Jr., Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan and Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica, with them are their families who witnessed the ceremonies. Hon. Villar in his speech, he challenged the municipal officials to give their best in serving Villasis and its people.

        After the oath taking ceremonies, the newly installed municipal officials delivered their short messages. Mayor Dita, in her Inaugural Address, thanked the Villasinians who gave her another mandate to lead Villasis and its people. She reported to her constituents her administration’s accomplishments during the last three years and her priorities for the next three years. She assured her constituents to continue her programs on health, education, agriculture, environment and livelihood.

       The newly-elected municipal officials have vowed to work closely and harmoniously as they begin their term on July 1, 2013.

       Lunch was served after the picture taking.


Villasis Town Fiesta 2014 Organized

         Villasis Town Fiesta 2014 organizational meeting was held last June 11, 2013 2:00 P.M. at the Municipal Conference room. In attendance were municipal officials, barangay captains, municipal department heads, school heads (elementary & high school), religious sector and other NGOs. The Execom Officers are:

                                           EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
Chairman                            Hon. Paz S. Rafanan
Secretary                            Mrs. Vivian G. Morden
Treasurer                            Mrs. Marlene M. Francisco
Auditors                              Liga Pres. Romeo S. Abrenica
                                             Pstr. Martin Fao-ilan


Popularity                                           Dr. Belinda S. Barrozo
Ways and Means                                Coun. Roderick E.R. Mina
Program & Invitation                          Mrs. Fe I. Callanta
Accommodation                                  Mr. Mario M. Guarin
Stage Decorations                               Mr. Josue M. Abrenica
Street Decorations                              Coun. Richie V. Cacapit
Peace and Order                                 PCI Remegio D. Yapes
Lights, Sounds & Engineering             Engr. Vladimir P. Torres
Marshalls                                            Coun. Domingo R. Rafanan
Thanksgiving Night                             Pstr. Martin Fao-ilan
Field Demonstrations                          Mrs. Marly M. Benigno
                                                            Mr. Ariel Fernandez
Barangay Night                                   Liga Pres. Romeo S. Abrenica
Senior Citizen’s/Retirees/Balikbayan Night     Mr. Cesar I. Mina
Talong Festival                                  SBM Rolando B. Morden
Cooking Pinakbet sa Kawa                Liga Pres. Romeo S. Abrenica
                                                           Mr. Cornelio Atchuela
Street Dancing Competition               Dr. Belen C. Bautista
Talong Cook Fest                               Dr. Rosalinda S. Locquiao
Search for the Singing Idol                 Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan
Parade                                                Mr. Ferdinand M. Sales
SK Night                                            SK Fed. Pres. Audrey Jamille Susan Q. Sison
Gay Night                                           Ms. Melody Fontanilla
                                                           Ms. Tetchie Guerrero
Sports                                                 Coun. Nicholi Jan Louie Q. Sison
Medical Services                               Dr. Hian Kiat C. Dy
DepEd Night                                       Mr. Fernando Orial, Sr.
Creative Group                                   Mrs. Rowena Lea G. Moreno


January 9 (Thursday)                       -              Thanksgiving Night
                 10 (Friday)                        -              Talong Festival
                 11 (Saturday)                   -              Youth Night/SK Night
                 12 (Sunday)                      -              PCC Night
                 13 (Monday)                    -              Senior Citizens/Retiree’s Night
                 14 (Tuesday)                    -              Barangay Night
                 15 (Wednesday)              -              Gay Night
                 16 (Thursday)                   -              DepEd Night
                 17 (Friday)                        -              SAAA Night
                 18 (Saturday)                   -              Balikbayan/Coronation Night
                 19 (Sunday)                      -              Search for the Singing Idol
                 20 (Monday)                    -              Pacifican Night



      Last June 14, 2013, the Villasinians of Southern California gladly welcomed Mayor Dita and Nato Abrenica at the residence of Radolf O. Abrena. As shown in the pictures, the first couple of Villasis with the Abrenas, Manantans, Itchons ,Thelma E. Corpus, Romel L. Razonable and Olivia Itchon Velasco during the welcome party.

     The next day, June 15, 2013, was the 29th Anniversary and Induction Ball of the new officers of the Villasinians of Southern California held at the Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel, Buena Park, CA.


     In behalf of Congw. Kimi S. Cojuangco, Mayor Dita inducted the VSC Officers (2013-2015) led by Ms. Lorna O. Abrena, the new President. After the induction, Mayor Dita read the speech of Congw. Kimi which she sent thru the Mayor. The good Congresswoman congratulated the newly installed officers. Mayor Dita, in her speech lauded the officers and members and thanked all the Villasinians present for their continuing support to our municipal government’s project and programs. Below are the pictures taken during the Induction Ball. Villasinians of San Diego also attended the affair.

     Below are pictures taken during the VSC Annual Summer Picnic last June 16, with Mayor Dita, Nato and Villasinians of San Diego.

     Last June 17, 2013 on their way back to Villasis, Villasinians of San Diego welcome the couple at the house of Rey Abrenica, with the officers and members of Villasinians of San Diego led by their president Nick Mina Jr.

     As shown in the pictures, the Villasinians of California were so happy that the Villasis` First Couple, spent precious moments with their kababayans during their 4-day trip to California to attend the VSC Induction Ball and at the same time recruit a candidate for Mrs. Villasis 2014. As always, Villasinians of California are just too willing to support popularity contests of our town fiesta celebrations. According to Mayor Dita and Nato Abrenica, the trip was a success! Once again they witnessed how united and supportive are the Villasinians of Southern California.



       The May 13, 2013 national and local elections in Villasis can be described as peaceful, orderly and successful. There were 28,848 voters who actually voted in the 55 clustered precincts in Villasis.
      As early as 6:30 in the morning Villasinian voters trooped to their respective precincts to cast their votes for the deserving candidates. Once again, the voice of the people was heard!
     The newly-elected municipal officials of Villasis who will serve the town and its people for the next three years (2013-2016) were proclaimed this morning (May 14, 2013) by the Municipal Board of Canvassers headed by Chairman-Election Officer Roberto V. Pagdanganan; Vice-Chairman – Mun. Treasurer Leo R. Ordoñez and Board Secretary – DepEd District Supervisor Arabella May Z. Soniega;

MAYOR                               HON. DITA G. ABRENICA
VICE MAYOR                     HON. PAZ S. RAFANAN
                                             HON. CENTENIELO RAMON R. COSTALES JR.
                                             HON. CHERYLL Z. TAN
                                             HON. DOMINGO R. RAFANAN
                                             HON. JUDITH M. MORDEN
                                             HON. ARVIN B. CASTRO
                                             HON. RICHIE V. CACAPIT
                                             HON ROLANDO B. MORDEN

        The proclaimed Mayor, Vice-Mayor and six (6) Municipal Councilors  are incumbent and belong to Team Abrenica. Judith Morden and Richie Cacapit are new SB Members.

        The proclamation was witnessed by municipal employees, exuberant well-wishers, families and supporters. Their oathtaking will be held on June 28, 2013, 8:00 A.M. at the Villasis Public Auditorium.

       Congratulations! Pagpalain sana kayo n gating Poong Maykapal sa inyong pagtahak ng matuwid na Daan! Mabuhay Villasis!



2013 Mass Graduation Memoir
By: Marly  Milana  Benigno – Principal I San Blas Elementary School

       All of the fourteen public elementary schools that comprise Villasis District II held their first Mass Graduation Ceremony las March 18, 2013 at the Villasis Public Auditorium. The ceremony started at exactly 8:30 in the morning with a processional led by the Guest of Honor and Speaker Mdm. Arabella May Z. Soniega, Education Program Specialist and OIC of the District, Teachers, Parents, Graduates & other guests.

      The mass graduation ceremony formally started with a doxology given by the selected pupils of Bacag Central, Bacag West and Bacag East Elementary Schools which was followed immediately by a Tableau in honor of the Philippine Flag portrayed by selected pupils of Unzad, Labit, and Capulaan, after which was the signing of the National anthem and the Himig Villasis which was sang by all the people present with pride and gladness.

      Mr. Agustin T. Sales, Principal IV of Barraca Community School and the most senior of all school heads, warmly welcomed all the viewers of the ceremony. After that was an Inspirational Message given by Hon. Roderick E.R. Mina, the chairman of the Committee on Education who expressed his thanks to all those present for all the support he received during his term as a municipal councilor of the town.

     Selected pupils from Caramutan and San Blas presented a folk dance entitled “Balse de Viejo” a popular dance from Laguna and the singing pride of San Nicolas Elem. School rendered a song to entertain the audience.

     Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, being the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the affair was introduced by EPS Soniega as the Mayor with outstanding accomplishments. The lady mayor delivered her message focusing on the theme” Building the Nation’s Future Leaders through the K to 12 Education Program”. Mayor Dita also expressed her continuous support to the education sector by providing construction materials for the improvement of school facilities to make every school a better place to learn. The lady mayor also donated medals to honor graduates in all the schools in the district.

      All the fourteen school heads of the said district presented the graduates to EPS Soniega and Mdm Viraluz S. Raguindin, Schools Division Superintendent of Pangasinan District II who accepted, confirmed and proclaimed the four hundred seventy (470) graduates of Villasis District II. SDS Raguindin, in her message applauded the school administrators for initiating the conduct of Mass Graduation Ceremony, She further commented that the ceremony was a manifestation of the unity of all the school personnel in Villasis District II. She also added to encourage every school district in the division to conduct activity such this so that she herself could come personally to confirm the graduation of the graduates.

      Highlights of the ceremony was the awarding of ribbons and medals to deserving graduates and distribution of certificates to all the graduating pupils in the district by the school heads, donors, and other guests who were assisted by Mayor Dita, SDS Raguindin and EPS Soniega.

       Other guests present during the affair were Municipal Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan, Mun. Councilors Louie Sison, Rolando Morden, Cheryll Tan, Rose Limos and Nong Costales.


Isangguni Kay Mayor 2013

       “Ang Isangguni Kay Mayor ay programa ng lokal na gobyerno ng Villasis upang mailapit ang lokal na gobyerno sa mga barangay. Kami mismo ang dadalaw upang malaman naming first hand ang inyong mga pangangailangan”, Mayor Dita said as she started the 3rd wave of the Isangguni Kay Mayor program of the Local Government Unit of Villasis.
        Under this program, Mayor Dita, Vice Mayor Paz and Sangguniang Bayan members listen to the requests, complaints and appreciation of their constituents. In attendance are barangay officials, teachers, senior citizens, barangay health workers, Ladies Brigade of Villasis members, CVO’s, tricycle drivers/operators and other sectors. Former Mayor Nato S. Abrenica, chairman of the Mayor’s Action Team serves as the moderator during said activities.

       Usual requests are: regravelling/ concreting of barangay roads, rehabilitation of drainage systems, additional toilet bowls, and jetmatic pumps, medicines for barangay health centers, additional chairs for schools, barangay health centers and Christian churches, repair/ construction of school rooms/ school buildings.

       Pictures below were taken last February 7-March 14, 2013.



BHW’s 1st District Congress

        A total of 1,850 Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) from all the municipalities of the 5th district of Pangasinan gathered at the Villasis Public Auditorium for their first District Congress last March 7, 2013 with the theme “BHW- Kaagapay Tungo sa Kaunlaran at Kalusugang Pangkalahatan”.

       This significant event was graced by 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco as the Guest of Speaker and Vice Gov. Ferdinand Calimlim spoke in behalf of Gov. Amado Espino Jr., the Guest of Honor. Also present were Sangguniang Panlalawigan Members of 5th District Clemente Arboleda Jr. and Danilo Uy, Former 6th District Rep. and first nominee of ABONO Partylist Conrad M. Estrella III, and personnel from the Provincial Health Office headed by Dr. Anna Theresa de Guzman and Villasis Municipal Officials, led by Mayor Dita G. Abrenica.

       As a token of appreciation for the BHWs laudable work, a raffle draw was conducted wherein cash prizes, cell phone units, electric fans, airpots, casseroles and flat irons were given as prizes to lucky winners, courtesy of 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco, Vice Gov. Ferdinand Calimlim, BM Clemente Arboleda Jr., BM Danilo Uy, Former 6th District Rep. Conrad Estrella III, ABONO Party List, Mayor Dita Abrenica and Sangguniang Bayan Members led by Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan.

       Two senatorial candidates also graced the occasion- JV Ejercito Estrada of United Nationalists Alliance and Grace Poe of Team P-Noy. They were both endorsed by 5th District Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco. In response, if ever they will win they pledged that they will support the bill of Cojuangco to provide benefits for BHWs.

      Below are pictures taken during the event:



Just like what they say “From trash to cash”(King's Kid Christian School, Inc.)

      The resourcefulness of Villasinians was once again proven. The students of King’s Kid Christian School, Inc. generated funds for their School Founding Anniversary Celebration through some things other people think already a trash last February 19, 2013.
       Instead of soliciting money, they have raised fund by collecting recyclable materials and selling them. Pre-Elementary to High School students generated money from these recyclable materials and the grade level that has the highest money win. Teachers, students and parents cooperated and helped to make this activity successful.  

      “Parang junkshop dito sa school kasi hindi namin ine-expect na andami nilang madadala”- Jennifer F. Arciaga, Principal, King’s Kid School, said.


       The preparatory level won the popularity contest which made their representatives Chrileison Wilken S. Alzate and Kimberly Danica Z. Quero crowned as this year’s Mr. and Miss Earth, 1st runners-up Mr. and Miss Wind, Alvy Benedict H. Piquero and Jaymie Ann V. Cuison, 2nd runners-up Mr. and Miss Fire, Lance Van P. Ogura and Angelene M. Francisco, 3rd runners-up Mr. and Miss Water, Raziel Quille B. Ramos and Gracelyn Mae Q. Gundran, respectively. The 30% of the total amount of money raised by each grade level went to their representatives, 30% for their classroom fund and 40% for the school improvement.

       Not only the resourcefulness of Villasinians was proven but also their creativity as they decorated their floats with recyclable and indigenous materials. A total of 10 floats also from Pre-Elementary to High School competed for the Best in Float Competition. The Grade 3 students won as the Best in Float Award with a cash prize of Php 4, 000.00, Preparatory comes next with Php 2, 000.00 cash prize and lastly Grade IV students with Php 1, 000.00 cash prize. Creatively and beautifully-made floats were showcased in the float parade during their Foundation celebration.

       Mrs. Arciaga further added that “this is one way na makatulong sa cleanliness of the environment which is one of the programs of the Department of Education and also to show support to Mayor Abrenica’s advocacy “Sa Villasis, Malinis”.

      Last December, their Christmas decorations were also made from recyclable and indigenous materials. On their next Christmas, King’s Kid Christian School Inc. plans to put again Christmas decorations and will still stick to recyclable and indigenous materials as their raw materials.



         To signal the start of the Villasis Town Fiesta 2013, two morning bands went around the town’s thoroughfares at 4:00 o’clock in the morning of January 15, 2013, in time for the opening salvo, the Thanksgiving Day (Dawn Watch, 4:00 AM) held at the public auditorium and sponsored by the Association of Christian Churches in Villasis led by Ptr. Martin Fao-ilan.

          At 9:00 o’clock in the morning of January 15-16, 2013, we had the Field Demo of elementary pupils from Grades III and IV and Grades V and VI, who performed Folk Dance and Mass Dance respectively. Mayor Dita thanked the DepEd Family of Villais I and II for their active participation also expressed gratitude to the parents of the participating pupils. Pictures below show the colorful and bright costumes of the elementary pupils.

          As early as 6:00 PM of January 15, 2013, barangay folks trooped to the auditorium for the Barangay Night sponsored by the 21 barangay councils headed by the Liga ng mga Barangay President, Hon. Romeo S. Abrenica. At 6:30 in the evening, people started dancing to the tune of the EC Jammers Orchestra, donated by Congw. Kimi S. Cojuangco, the night’s Guest of Honor and Speaker. After the speech of Congw. Kimi was the ceremonial awarding of tri-bike to the 21 barangays in Villasis (as sown in the picture Congw. Kimi is awarding the tri-bike to B/Capt. Alex A. Sison of Poblacion Zone I)

          It was also during the Barangay Night that winners in the Cleanest, Greenest and Safest Barangay for 2012 were announced as follows with their corresponding prizes in terms of projects:

                   CATEGORY I                                                 CATEGORY II

1st      Poblacion Zone I     – P150,000                      1st – Lipay     –        P200,000
2nd     Tombod                 -     75,000                      2nd – Puelay  –         100,000
3rd      Barraca                  -     30,000                      3rd – Barangobong –   50,000

          Mayor Dita urged the barangay officials to continue maintaining cleanliness in their respective barangays with or without evaluations. She enjoined all the barangay captains to actively participate in the Cleanest, Greenest, and Safest Barangay Contest.

          The biggest delegation award was given to Brgy. Lipay with P5,000 cash prize. Other dignitaries who came and graced this year’s Barangay Night were: Vice-Governor Ferdie Z. Calimlim, Jr., BM Niňo Arboleda, BM Danilo C. Uy, and BM Amadeo T. Espino, who also represented his brother, Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. Below are pictures taken during the Barangay Night.

          Former Mayor Nato and Mayor Dita invited Balikbayans for an early dinner at their residence in Brgy. Barraca last January 16, 2013, 6:00 in the evening. Cong. Mark and Congw. Kimi Cojuangco graced the occasion. Also invited were barangay officials, municipal department heads and Executive Committee members.

         After dinner, many of the guests proceeded to the public auditorium for this year’s  Gay Night, a hilarious gay night sponsored by the Gay Association of Villasis led by Tetchie Guerrero, President and Melody Fontanilla, Chairman. As in the past years, the auditorium was jam packed by people from all walks of life, and even from other nearby towns.


       January 17-18, 2013 were declared non-working days in Villasis, January 17 being the Patron’s Feast Day and January 18, Talong Festival Day.

        Bishop Jacinto D. Jose led the celebrated Mass during the Feast day of St. Anthony Abbot last January 17. It was sponsored by the Municipal Officials and employees, barangay officials, balilbayans and church/lay leaders. In the evening, the senior citizens’/retirees’/balikbayans’ night was held at the public auditorium, with Dir. Cipriano M. Guarin, OSCA Head, Makati City, as the Guest Speaker. Dignitaries who graced the affair were: Mayor Dita, Former Mayor Nato, SB Members led by Vice Mayor Paz. It was the first time that Balikbayan Night was jointly held during the Senior Citizens’/Retirees’ Night. Attendees enjoyed ballroom dancing until wee hours with EC Jammers Orchestra assisting.


       January 18 was the 8th Talong Festibal, live coverage of ABS-CBN (Dagupan City) which featured: Talong Mosaic Art Design Contest participated by 22 elementary schools and 5 high schools. As early as 5:00 PM of January 17, artworks/entries were displayed infront of the Municipal Town Hall (northern side) as shown in the pictures below. There were 3 winners for the elementary category and 1 winner for the high school category. All non0winners received P1,000.00 consolation prize. And the winners are:

          1st      Lipay Elementary School             P 5,000
          2nd     Bacag Central School                     3,000
          3rd      San Blas Elementary School            2,000

          Saint Anthony Abbot Academy              P 5,000

          Street Dancing Contest (High School only) started at 8:30 AM with 7 contingents participating: DRECMNHS, SAAA, Amamperez Agro-Industrial High School, Barangobong NHS, Piaz NHS, Capulaan NHS and Unzad NHS. Each contingent had few minutes performance infront of the judges along the national highway and their ritual performance at the gymnasium grounds. Spectators had to endure the scorching heat of the sun watching the contingents’ spectacular performances and colorful costumes and the winners are:

          1st      DRECMNHS            P 50,000      Donor: Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr.
          2nd     Capulaan NHS            30,000      Donor: Vice Gov. Ferdinand Z. Calimlim, Jr.
          3rd      Barangobong NHS      20,000      Donor: BM Clemente Niňo Arboleda, Jr.

          BEST IN COSTUME  -        Capulaan NHS         P20,000 Donor: BM Danilo C. Uy

          At night was the Search for Villasis Singing Idol 2013 held at the public auditorium. There were 9 contenders in the Main Portion and 8 contenders in the Bulilit Portion. The winners were:

                             MAIN PORTION                                    BULILIT PORTION
Champion      Princes Nicole D. Del Finado           Champion      Shane Trisha O. Limbag
                               (San Nicolas)                                                     (San Nicolas) 
1st Runner-Up Rica Mae Maer                             1st Runner-Up  Denice Erica N. Manzano
                            (Unzad)                                                               (Poblacion Zone II)
2nd Runner-Up Reymar M. Palisoc                        2nd Runner-Up  Patricia S. Mopas
                        (Poblacion Zone I)                                                   (San Nicolas)




         Villasis Town Fiesta 2013 was truly different because after a decade of popularity contests, this year was a Beauty Contest, where 17 Villasinians lasses vied for the most coveted title of Miss Villasis 2013.

          As early as 6:00 in the evening of January 19, 2013, people trooped to the public auditorium just to have a better and nearer place to view the candidates in the beauty pageant. Few minutes after 8:00 in the evening, the program began with a doxology, singing of the national anthem and Himig Villasis led by DRECMNHS Cultural Troupe. Mr. Josue M. Abrenica, Chairman of VTF 2013 delivered his welcome address, followed by the Message from Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, thanking all our Sponsors and Donors as well as the barangay councils and supporters of the 17 candidates. The Emcees, Ms. Almira Zarate and Boni Fabia, introduced the Board of Judges: Matt Abrena, Chairman, Members are: Carmen O. Verzola, Juergen Dittmar, Jea-Anne Finuliar, Miss Look of the Year (Miss Earth 2012), and Amor Albano, Fashion Designer from Ilocos Sur.

          Then followed by the candidates’ production number (in their costume) beautifully performed with the DRECMNHS Cultural Dancers. Men and women in the audience were mesmerized with the 17 beauties parading on the stage. People cheered to these amazing ladies who radiated beauty inside and out in their swimsuits and evening gowns. Winners in the Minor Awards were announced then:

          Miss Friendship                 -        Beverly Salazar
          Miss Photogenic                -        Ashley Alyssa Calimlim
          Best in Talent                   -        Nikki Pinpinio
          Miss Darling of the Press   -        Ashley Alyssa Calimlim
          Best in Swimsuit               -        Beverly Salazar
          Best in Evening Gown       -        Beverly Salazar
          Best in Production Costume         Ashley Alyssa Calimlim

          After the casual interview (based on their submitted Personal Data Sheet) the 17 candidates were reduced to 10 Semi-finalists and had the Q and A portion, wherein the candidates were shown pictures of the different landmarks in Villasis and were asked questions which they willingly answered. Then the 5 finalists were announced. The audience chanted and shouted their favorites’ names. The final question and answer portion followed. Each finalist drew the number of the judge who later gave her a question which they readily answered. The 5 finalists are all beautiful and intelligent and the board of judges really did their best in choosing the rights bets and deserving of course:

                   Miss Villasis 2013              Rejean S. Labarete            Zone IV
                   1st Runner-Up                   Ashley Alyssa Calimlim      Barraca
                   2nd Runner-Up                  Ivy G. Gonzales                Zone V
                   3rd Runner-Up                  Nel Am Rabut                   Caramutan
                   4th Runner-Up                   Jenny Mae Abriam             Bacag

          Miss Villasis 2013 received a Cash Prize of P30,000, 1st Runner-Up received P20,000, 2nd Runner-Up received P10,000, 3rd Runner-Up received P7,000 and 4th Runner-Up received P5,000, a total of P72,000 donated by Former Mayor Nato and Mayor Dita Abrenica. Miss Villasis was crowned by Mrs. Villasis 2012 Beatriz De Vera-Olivar and Former Mayor Nato. Other crowning guests and presenters were Mayor Dita, Vice Mayor Paz and Sangguniang Bayan Members, Mr. Josue Abrenica and balikbayans.

          After the coronation, audiences were treated with spectacle fireworks display donated by Hon. Antonio “Bebot” Villar and Mayor Vivien O. Villar.





         Another significant landmark now rises in Villasis, the Beatriz De Vera-Olivar Legislative Building, which was renovated from the proceeds of Villasis Town Fiesta 2012.

          The Blessing and Inauguration of said building was held last
January 15, 2013, the first day of 2013 town fiesta celebration. Rev. Fr. Medz S. Laguerta, the Parish Priest of St. Anthony Abbot Parish, led the opening prayer, while Mayor Dita and Mrs. Villasis 2012, Beatriz De Vera-Olivar, led the ceremonial cutting  of the ribbon and the unveiling of the marker with Vice Mayor Paz and SB Members. Also in attendance were Former Mayor Nato, municipal department heads and employees, DepEd Family, Barangay officials, religious sector and media reporters.

          The new Beatriz De Vera-Olivar Legislative Building stands paced with its new face lift that symbolizes the strong unity and cooperation of Villasinians, here and abroad.  Mayor Dita in her speech, once again thanked the families and supporters of VTF 2012 reigning beauties: Betariz De Vera-Olivar, Mrs. Villasis 2012; Cristina Manantan-Abenes, 1st Runner-Up and Merlita Rayray-Magtaan, 2nd Runner-Up. She thanked everyone who contributed in the success of VTF 2012. Vice Mayor Paz in her speech, promised in behalf of the SB Members, to do their best on enacting laws and ordinances for the betterment and welfare of Villasis and its people.

          Pictures below were taken during the event.



PAGCOR turns over new building to DRECMNHS

          The joy of Christmas was bestowed upon the DRECMNHS family when the newly constructed five-classroom building donated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) was finally turned over to the school administration on December 14.
Guest of honor Engr. DANILO MARCIAL, PAGCOR Project Engineer of Community Relations and Service Department, officially relinquished the building.
          Present in the ceremony were Mayor DITA G. ABRENICA, former Mayor NATO S. ABRENICA, and PTA Pres. Susan Q. Sison. Congresswoman KIMI S. COJUANGCO, who was in an important conference, as former Mayor Nato said, was represented by her secretary.
In their inspirational messages, Mayor Dita and Ex-Mayor Nato reiterated that they will always support the school continually for the good of the students and for the upliftment of education.
On behalf of the DRECMNHS staff, Principal IV, Rowena Lea G. Moreno expressed her gratitude to PAGCOR and to Congresswoman Cojuangco, and Mayor Dita for their unfaltering support in the immediate construction and the completion of the much-needed building.
          She also thanked the PTA headed by Mrs. Sison for the construction of concrete pathways going to the building.
          “These noble acts and the people behind will remain indelible in the hearts of the staff, studentry, and parents of this generation and the next”, the school head said.
This donation was granted last school year through the endorsement of Congw. Kimi and Mayor Dita with ex-Mayor Nato who also rallied behind for the realization of “this dream”, Mrs. Moreno informed.



LAB celebrates 2012 Christmas

           December 14, 2012 was a Red Letter Day for the 5,000 members of the Ladies Brigade (LAB) of Villasis, Inc. As early as 7:00 in the morning, LAB members from all barangays trooped to the Villasis Public Auditorium for the 8:00 am-5:00 pm LAB Christmas Celebration and Induction Program (for new members), with Congw. Kimi S. Cojuangco as the Guest Speaker and Inducting Officer. However, Mdm. Kimi was not able to attend due to her hectic schedule, but she sent her representative, Ms. Dang Manaois, to give not only her Season’s greetings, but also eight (8) packs of grocery items and one (1) washing machine as door prizes (raffle draw).
            Mayor Dita (founder of LAB), Vice Mayor Paz and Sangguniang Bayan Members: Louie Sison, Rolly Morden, Cheryll Tan, Arvin Castro, Rose Limos and Nong Costales graced the occasion by giving their Christmas messages. And so with Vice Gov. Ferdinand Z Calimlim, Jr. who rendered two songs at the delight of the audience. He gave 6 stand fans as raffle draw prizes. Board Member Danilo C. Uy went around shaking hands with the ladies and gave cash prizes for raffle draws. Former Mayor Nato also attended the affair and even stayed ‘till 5:00 in the afternoon. He distributed cash (Php 500.00) to all senior citizens (aged 80 above) LAB members and also Lab members who are pregnant (5 months above). Mayor Nato was surprised and amused to see a lot of elderly and pregnant LAB member. The ladies surely have different Christmas because of the gifts they received.
            Highlight of the affair was the announcement of winners in the “Gangnam Style” Dance Contest and winners of the LAB Livelihood Sari-Sari Store Package. And the winners are:

“Gangnam Style” Dance Contest

            1st Prize- Riverside (Brgys. Puelay, Barangobong and Amamperez) Php 6,000.00
                           Donor: Mayor Dita-Php 5,000.00 and Ms. Josie Organo- Php 1,000

            2nd Prize- Alongside (Brgys. Piaz, Caramutan, San Blas and Lipay)Php 3, 000.00
                           Donor: Mayor Dita

            3rd Prize- Hillside (Brgys. Unzad, Labit, Capulaan, and La Paz) Php 2,000.00
                           Donor: Board Member Niño Arboleda

            Consolation Prize- Side by Side n(Brgys. San Nicolas, Lomboy, Baracca, Bacag
         and Tombod) Php 1, 500.00
                           Donor: Ms. Josie Organo

            Presentation Only- Poblacion I-V Php 500.00
                           Donor: Mayor Dita

LAB Livelihood Sari-Sari Store
Assisted by LGU-Villasis

            1. Graziela Cabico- Capulaan, Villasis
            2. Catherine Suyat- Unzad, Villasis
            3. Elizabeth Motea- Pob. Zone II, Villasis
            4. Erlinda Haber- Pob. Zone III, Villasis
            5. Clarita R. Sapinoso- Caramutan, Villasis
            6. Erlinda U. Evangelista- Lipay, Villasis (Area Coordinator)

            Congratulations to all the winners. Everybody went home happy. Each was given t-shirt, umbrella and calendar courtesy of Mayor Dita.



Who will be MISS VILLASIS 2013??

            The search is now officially on, the long wait is finally over! There are 17 candidates for Miss Villasis 2013 and they were presented to the public by the Chairman of the Villasis Town Fiesta 2013, Mr. Josue M. Abrenica, after the flag raising ceremony last October 29, 2012. Everybody wowed when the pretty beauties paraded in front of the municipal officials and employees, PNP and BFP personnel. The fairest of them all will be crowned during the most awaited beauty pageant on January 19, 2013 at the Villasis Public Auditorium.

            Shown in the pictures are the 16 candidates, (representative of Poblacion Zone V not included as she is in the USA) with Mayor Dita, Vice Mayor Paz, Coun. Rod Mina, Coun. Rolly Morden and Coun. Nong Costales.

                        Name                                                                          Barangay

  1. Sheena Ross N. Gatan                                                             Poblacion Zone I
  2. Chryssalyn C. Alcantara                                                          Poblacion Zone II
  3. Nikki Noreen A. Pinpinio                                                         Poblacion Zone III
  4. Rejean S. Labarete                                                                  Poblacion Zone IV
  5. Aivee A. Gonzales                                                                   Poblacion Zone V
  6. Rommely Grace S. Daquigan                                                 Amamperez
  7. Mikah L. Liwanag                                                                 Amamperez
  8. Jenny Anne M. Abriam                                                          Bacag
  9. Beverly B. Salazar                                                                 Barangobong
  10. Jinky R. Oliveras                                                                   Barangobong
  11. Sheryllaine Mae B. Calimlim                                                  Barraca
  12. Alyssa Ashley B. Calimlim                                                     Barraca
  13. Jelyn-Marie P. Tobia                                                            Capulaan
  14. Nhiel Am G. Rabut                                                               Caramutan
  15. Rominique Daye H. Cabading                                               San Nicolas
  16. Sushmita Jones B. Evangelista                                               Unzad
  17. Jenelyn B. Cuadro                                                                 Unzad

 The pre-pageant is scheduled on December 22, 2012


Poblacion Zone I Celebrates Halloween

            The first ever trick or treat celebration of Halloween was held in Villasis, initiated by Poblacion Zone I parents in coordination with MSWDO Lilibeth VM. Abrenica. 50 Day Care pupils celebrated Halloween last October 30, 2012 by visiting various offices in the Municipal Town Hall. They were accompanied by their parents and Day Care Workers, Ms. Marissa Villedo and Ms. Milagros Racuya.

            The Day Care pupils in their scary and different themed costumes went to the offices of Mayor Dita, Vice Mayor Paz, Municipal Planning and Development Officer and Rural health Unit. The children were so happy and excited as they received assorted candies and chocolates, as shown in the pictures below.



     The Accounting Department of our Municipality got the “2011 MOST OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTING OFFICE AWARD”, being No. 1 among the 5 awardees from the Local Sector Nationwide.
            The Association of Government Accountants of the Philippines (AGAP) Inc. is yearly giving such prestigious recognition to Accounting Offices  all over the Philippines both National and Local Sector yearly with the following criteria-

          1. Timeliness of Year End Financial Statements
          2. Completeness of submitted Quarterly Financial Statements, Reports and Schedules
          3. Accuracy and Propriety of Accounts, presentations and disclosures
          4. Compliance with Accounting Rules and Regulations
          5. Auditor's Opinion- should be Unqualified Opinion

            Because of these criteria, out of 1,496 towns in the Philippines only 5 towns or .33% had qualified for the awards. LGU-VILLASIS ACCOUNTING OFFICE is NO. 1 on the list. (Please see www. agap.org.ph)

            The awarding rites was held during the opening day of the AGAP convention-seminar at the Waterfront Hotel Lahug, Cebu City last October 24-27, 2012. The Keynote Speaker of the event who also gave the awards was no other than HONORABLE MA. LOURDES ARANAL-SERENO, Chief Justice, Republic of the Philippines, with AGAP National Officers headed by USEC EVELYN V. GUERRERO from DBM.

            Following is the message of Mrs. Marlene Francisco, head of Accounting Dept. In behalf of LGU-Villasis Accounting Office, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you Lord, we bring back the glory to You. Mayora Dita, this is for you, we made it despite of so many trials and challenges of your administration, we proved them wrong. To the SB members, Sir Nato, my co-Department Heads, staff and the whole LGU family, our kababayans all over the world, this award is for all of us. Lets continue the job and strive for the better in adhering to transparency and good governance for our town. MABUHAY ANG BAYANG VILLASIS, KAYANG-KAYA KUNG SAMA-SAMA. Again thank you so much for the BIG HEART and DEDICATION of MAYORA DITA, usual cooperation and support of our LGU Family.


                                    MARLENE FRANCISCO- Municipal Accountant
                                    RONILO B. MENCIAS- former MDO I (retired 07/31/12)
                                    ELMER M. TUGADE- MDO I
                                    JONAH N. MATURAN- Admin. Asst. II
                                    MERLIN S. MACANAS-RCC I
                                    MARY JANE M. BONITA- RCC I
                                    MA. MONA KLARISSE C. FONACIER- Admin. Aide IV
                                    EVELYN B. SISON-RCC I
                                    VIRGINIA D. MADRONIO- Casual (Brgy. Bookkeeper)
                                    JUNAR O. RUIZ- Admin Aide I



Villasis:Recipient of "Seal of Good Housekeeping"

     Yes, another feather was added on the cap of Villasis!
Last December 2011, the Municipality of Villasis was awarded the Seal of Good Housekeeping in recognition of its efforts in advancing the principles of accountability and transparency in good governance. Villasis has already received the P1 Million prize and the plaque of recognition, but without the official SEAL, the proof of this award. The P1 Million prize was used in the rehabilitation and concreting of the Capulaan barangay roads.
The late DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo, during his dialogue with Pangasinan Mayors last May 1, 2012 at the Sison Auditorium in Lingayen, promised mayor Dita that the official SEAL would follow.

     And so, September 17, 2012 was indeed a happy and blessed day for Villasis and its people.on this day, the official SEAL was handed to Mayor Dita by MLGOO Shiela E. Velasquez, after the flag raising ceremonies. It was witnessed by Vice Mayor Paz rafanan, SB Members: Louie Siso, rod Mina, Rolly Morden, Cheryl tan, Arvin Castro, Rose Limos, Nong Costales, ABC Pres. Romy Abrenica and barangays captains, municipal department heads and employees, PNP and BFP Personnel.

      Mayor Dita in her acceptance speech thanked all her partners in keeping Villasis what it is today: clean, peaceful and progressive town. She said, “Without your full support and cooperation, Villasis would have not received the “Seal of Good Housekeeping”, a manifestation that, we work together for the betterment and welfare of Villasis and its people. “Kayang-kaya, kung sama-sama!”.




Mayor Nato, Still A Junior Citizen!

     Villasis Former Mayor Nato S. Abrenica celebrated his birthday last August 30, 2012 with a luncheon party at Villasis livelihood Training Center in Brgy.Barraca. Throngs of well wishers from different barangays started to arrive as early as 8:30 in the morning.
     As shown in the pictures, the beaming”birthday boy” welcoming his visitors. First to arrive were Mayor Nato’s long time leaders and the Association of Christian Churches in Villasis (ACCV) led by Ptr. Martin Fao-Ilan who prayed over the celebrator. After the prayer, lunch was served as people continued to come in. Mayor Dita joined his husband in welcoming the visitors: municipal officials, employees and workers, high school and elementary teachers from public and private schools, barangay officials, senior citizens, tricycle drivers and market vendors. Mayor Nato is always loved by the people of Villasis as attested by their presence on this very special day. He thanked the all for making his birthday this year truly different.
     In the evening, Mayor Nato’s birthday celebration continued in a simple dinner party with his family, close friends like Cong. Mark & Congw. Kimi Cojuangco, Mayor Vivien Villar & Vice Mayor Dick Villar of Sto. Tomas, Mayor Art & Emma Chan of Pozorrubio, Mayor Atty. Manuel Collado of Alcala. Also present were Vice Mayor Paz Rafanan and SB Members, Barangay Captains and their spouses, municipal department heads, PANELCO III Director Dr. Rodel & Mrs. Bañez, friends and relatives of Sir Nato & Mayor Dita. Party-list  Re. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel also came to greet Mayor Nato.
      The “man of hour” and his wife hopped from one table to the other to have photo ops with the guests. In his short speech, mayor Nato welcomed & thanked everyone, especially the Cojuangcos who are always here to support the Abrenicas in bringing more progress & prosperity in Villasis. Former Cong. Mark & Congw. Kimi, on the other hand, were all praises for what the leaders and the people of Villasis have done to this town and they wished Sir Nato the best of everything.

Villasis-Makati City signs Sisterhood Agreement

        Mayor Dita and Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. signed an agreement for the establishment of a twinning relationship between the Municipality of Villasis and the City of Makati at the Session Hall, New Makati City Building last August 14, 2012.
           Also present were Sangguniang Bayan Members led by Vice Mayor Paz Rafanan, Coun. Nicholi Jan Louie Q. Sison, Coun. Roderick Emmanuel R. Mina, Coun. Rolando B. Morden, Coun. Cheryll Z. Tan, Coun. Cheryl B. Sembrano, Coun. Arvin B. Castro, Coun.  Rosario L. Limos, Coun. Centenielo Ramon R. Costales, Liga ng mga Barangay Pres. Romeo S. Abrenica, SK Federation Pres. Audrey Jamille Q. Sison, Former Mayor Nato and Brgy. Kgwd. Ador Rafanan.
            The agreement is about the Municipality of Villasis and the City of Makati sharing a common desire to promote and foster, strong special ties, mutual understanding, friendship and goodwill; and share the same intention of creating an atmosphere in which economic and community development can be implemented and strengthened; and desire to strengthen ties of friendship, mutual understanding through exchanges in science and technology, culture and arts, tourism, planning and urban development, commerce/trade and industry, education and sports development, environmental protection, public health and social services, among others of common concern.
            Prior to the sisterhood agreement signing ceremony, the city administrator of Makati presented the good practices of the city through audio-visual presentation. Mayor Binay, in his speech during the signing ceremony he mentioned that the City of Makati has a provision of scholarship grants to deserving students to sister municipalities in the University of Makati and at the same time offering observation tour at the City of Makati to department heads to share its best practices.
            Eight other local government units joined the multiple signing ceremonies.




Cong. Mark invites 5th District Mayors and Vice Mayors to Villasis Paddy Drying Plant

          Former Cong. Mark Cojuangco invited 5th district mayors and vice mayors to the Villasis Paddy Drying Plant at Brgy. Unzad, Villasis, Pangasinan last August 2, 2012. The purpose of the visit is to discuss the operation and visual tour of the Paddy Drying Plant.
          Former Cong. Mark Cojuangco briefed the mayors and vice mayors on the purpose of the project. Former Mayor Nato served as the moderator of the event.
          In attendance were Mayor Dita Abrenica and Vice Mayor Paz Rafanan, Urdaneta Mayor Amadeo Perez IV and Vice Mayor Bong Gorospe, Sto. Tomas Mayor Vivien Villar and Vice Mayor Dick Villar, Alcala Mayor Manuel Collado and Vice Mayor Ryan Paolo V. Mencias, Sison Mayor Mina Joy C. Pangasinan, Pozorrubio Mayor Artemio Q. Chan, Binalonan Mayor Ramon V. Guico III, Laoac Mayor Silverio Alarcio, and Bautista Vice Mayor Jose T. Espino.
          Also present were Malaysian nationals Mr. Mr Khoo Lim, Mr. Jimmy and William Lee of Agro-Indus. Chairman/ Managing Director Mr. Jimmy Lee discussed how the Paddy Drying Plant would operate soon. At this time the mayors and vice mayors asked questions and other concerns in case they also want to build their own Paddy Plant in their respective municipalities. Agro-Indus is based in Malaysia and is actively engaged in both agricultural and industrial machinery, plant engineering and projects in Malaysia and many Asian countries. Established in 1981, Agro-Indus started as a specialist in seed and grain handling and processing.
          Cong. Mark together with Mayor Nato and Mayor Collado initiated the construction of the Paddy Plant in Villasis and Corn Drying Plant in Alcala for the benefit of farmers/constituents in Villasis. The cost of the warehouse and equipment amounted to Php 70 M that came from the tobacco excise tax share of Villasis.


Villasis Celebrates 34th National Disability Prevention and Prevention Week

        In celebration of the 34th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week the Municipal Social Welfare Development Office of LGU-Villasis organized the Mass Baptism of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Election and Induction of Officers, Socialization and Distribution of PWD’s Discount Cards last July 17, 2012.
       A total of 30 PWD’s were baptized for free in the Roman Catholic Church.
       Mrs. Gladys B. Salazar, an employee of LGU Villasis is the President of the newly elected officers inducted by Mayor Dita G. Abrenica.
       200 PWD discount cards and grocery items were distributed by Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan, Sangguniang Bayan Members, MSWDO Lilibeth Abrenica and Social Welfare Officer 1 Haidee Ramat-Suyat.
       The discount cards covers 20% discount on medicine, fare and fast food and 5% discount on grocery for basic commodities.
       Villasis Nateng Jaycees headed by their president Mr. Ariel Tugare sponsored a surprise intermission number by Mcdo mascot and their meryenda.

Nutrition Month 2012

        The LGU Villasis conducted series of activities in celebration of Nutrition Month 2012. The following activities were Search for the Healthiest Baby, launching of Municipal Milk Feeding Program, Buntis Fair and LaB Feeding Activity.
       With the theme “Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain” the series of activities started with the LaB simultaneous feeding activity in all the day care centers in Villasis last July 5, 2012. Mayor Dita Abrenica, Coun. Rose Limos, LaB Pres. Dr. Rosalinda Locquiao, MSWDO Lilibeth Abrenica, Social Welfare Officer 1 Haidee Ramat-Suyat and LaB members visited the simultaneous feeding activity of the various day care centers within the municipality. 720 children from the 19 barangay day care centers benefitted from the said activity. The activity aimed to provide and maintain good health among the children of Villasis by serving them nutritious and delicious food.
        The second activity was the Buntis Fair. 130 pregnant women from Villasis attended the Fair with 18 Misis Buntis contestants competing for the title Misis Buntis 2012 held at the Villasis Public Auditorium last July 17, 2012.
        This activity aimed to remind pregnant women the importance of prenatal care and visits, things to remember during pregnancy, and postnatal care including breastfeeding, family planning, newborn screening, and the importance of proper nutrition.
          Dr. Sylwn Nazareno-Go, Obstetrician-Gynecologist served as the resource speaker before the contest proper.
          Mrs. Joy Antimo (Lipay) was this year’s Mrs. Buntis and Misis Photogenic, while Mrs. Marie Joy Obillo (Zone I) and Mrs. Marian Mangonon (Capulaan) garnered the 1st and 2nd runner-up respectively.
          Minor awards recipients were Mrs. Mary Joy Vinuya (San Nicolas) Best in Oral Hygiene, Ma. Norie Atun (Unzad) Best in Prenatal Record and Condition and Mrs Beverly Tamondong (Pob. Zone IV) Misis Natasha.
          Private sponsors were Keith & Rich Fashion Enterprises owned by Mr. Keith Lita & Mr. Rich Cuison; Natasha Branch Tarlac; Medi-Rx Pharma thru their Med Rep Cristine Macaalay; PROSEL – maker of Folium and Leandro’s Events and Design Shop.
And the last two activities were the Launching of Municipal Milk Feeding Program and Search for the Healthiest Baby conducted last July 31, 2012.
         The Municipal Milk Feeding Program will last for five months that will help improve the nutritional status of 187 underweight children from the 21 barangays.
         18 healthiest babies from the different barangays competed for this years’ Search for the Healthiest Baby 2012. The winners are the following: Healthiest Baby 2012 Manuel Maraňa of Pob. Zone V, 1st Runner-up Nieveah Agatha Knoelle Macaban of Unzad and 2nd Runner-up Sallyna Gwen Bernal of Bacag. Winners and non-winners received cash prizes.


OFW Association of Villasis Induction

          The following newly elected officers of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Association of Villasis were inducted today, July 11, 2012 by Hon. Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, held at the Villasis Public Auditorium :

                President            :               Mrs. Helen R. Aquino
                Vice-Pres.          :               Mrs. Evelyn B. Basconcillo
                Secretary            :               Mrs. Felecitas M. Gumangan
                Treasurer            :               Mrs. Winnie B. Custodio
                Auditor               :               Mrs. Rosario G. Aguda

                Education & Training       :               Mrs. Julieta S. Wabe
                Ways & Means               :               Mrs. Fe G. Tugade
                Membership                    :               Mrs. Julieta M. Sales

                Mrs. Fe I. Callanta
                Mr. Cesar I. Mina
                Miss Dolly Ann G. Camacho

                After the induction ceremony, Mayor Dita challenged the newly inducted officers. She lauded the OWWA-DOLE represented by Miss Dolly Ann Camacho and Mr. Alex Ferrer of the Provincial PESO office for spearheading the formation of the association which aims to bring closer the OWWA services and programs to OFW’s and their dependents.



1st BPAT Training in Villasis

        A Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT) Training was held at the Villasis Auditorium last July 9-10, 2012.
          Mayor Dita was the guest of honor and speaker of the two-day activity.
          SPO3 Orlando Cacdac, BPAT Coordinator Pro 1 served as the resource speaker of the said activity.
Chief Police Inspector Marcos L. Anod said “Ang PNP Villasis ay kulang sa personnel kaya ang mga BPATs ang gagamitin as force multiplier kasi sila sa kanilang mga barangay ang magiging first responder sa crimes. Sila ang nakakaalam at nagsisilbing mata at tenga sa pangyayari. After the training, alam na ng BPATs ang gagawin nila. Successful ang activity kasi na-meet ung target attendance. Pati ang pagiging speaker ni SPO3 Cacdac ay naging masaya at na-inculcate sa mga participants iyong gusto niyang i-share.”
          The activity was organized by the PNP Villasis headed by PCI Marcos L. Anod in cooperation with the LGU-Villasis and Liga ng mga Barangay headed by Brgy. Capt. Romeo S. Abrenica.
A total of 720 participants from the 21 barangays of the municipality attended the BPAT Training.
The participants were composed of Barangay Officials, Barangay Health Workers, Lupon ng mga Barangay,            Chief Civilian Volunteer Officers (CVO) and CVO’s from all the barangays of Villasis.

Villasis Recipient of Performance Challenge Fund (PCF)

          The Municipality of Villasis was among the 31 recipients of Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) in Region 1 during the Tapatan on Disaster Preparedness and Climate Change Adaptation held at the Oasis Country Resort, San Fernando City last July 10, 2012.
          The releasing of Php 50M PCF to cities and municipalities stamped with the 2011 Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH) of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) was done by DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo. The city awardees were given Php 3M each while municipality awardees were given Php 1M each.
Mayor Dita Abrenica and Mun. Engr. Vladimir P. Torres received the amount of One Million Pesos (1M) fund that will finance the widening and concreting with construction of drainage system at Sta. Cruz St. Poblacion Zone III.
          The TAPATAN was spearheaded by DILG Region 1 with Sec. Robredo as guest of honor and speaker.  Also in attendance were Gov. Manuel C. Ortega of La Union, Gov. Chavit Singson of Ilocos Sur, Gov. Amado Espino of Pangasinan, Reg'l. Dir. Corazon P. Guray,), Mayors and other local officials, and local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officers (DRRMOs) from the 129 Provinces, Cities and Municipalities of the Region.
          Also invited were representatives from civil society organizations, national government agencies, media and local resource institutions to take part of the event. Resource speakers from the Office of Civil Defense, Climate Change Commission, DILG, and the University of the Philippines-Diliman discussed the National DRRM Framework Plan, National CCA Plan, Enhancing LGU Capacity on Disaster Risk Reduction and management and Climate Change Adaptation and Project Noah.

Villasis Receives Gawad Pamana ng Lahi Award

          Dr. Rogelio L. Quitola LGOO VI, Team Leader of Validation Team of the Department of the Interior and Local Government awarded the Certificate of Recognition to the Municipality of Villasis after garnering the 1st place (municipal category) in the recently concluded Gawad Pamana ng Lahi (Provincial level) after the Flag Ceremony attended by all Municipal employees last July 9, 2012.

          Mayor Dita Abrenica, Vice Mayor Paz Rafanan, Sangguniang Bayan members, ABC Pres. Romeo Abrenica, Ms. Shiela E. Velasquez and the Department Heads were present to receive the Certificate of Recognition.
           In her acceptance speech, Mayor Dita thanked everyone for their cooperation. “Nagbunga na ang lahat ng pagsisikap ng bawat isa sa atin. Para sa ating lahat ito. Sana magsilbi itong inspirasyon upang patuloy nating pagbutihin ang ating mga trabaho.”
          The municipality has bested the other 44 municipalities in the Province of Pangasinan.

‘Let’s make Villasis clean, green and safe’ – Abrenica

by Virgilio Sar. Maganes

                VILLASIS- In its bid to become one of the cleanest, greenest and safest municipalities in the province, Mayor Libradita Go-Abrenica distributed forest tree seedlings, fruit bearing tree seedlings and vegetable seeds to 21 village chiefs.
                Abrenica said the seedlings and seeds should be planted in every barangay even as she urged the village chiefs to have communal gardens.
“ Look for vacant lots in your barangays and convert them into communal gardens. This is one way for us to have food self-sufficiency. I look forward to not seeing our town mates buying their vegetables in the market,” Abrenica said.
                Municipal Agriculturist Cornelio Atchuela emphasized the importance of planting trees to avert climate change due to the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. He said by planting trees, the carbon dioxide will be absorbed by the trees and in return will emit oxygen for a healthy environment.
                “ We have now a municipal nursery which has been adjudged by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as one of the best nurseries in Region I. Our nursery showcases various forest and fruit bearing tree seedlings that are given for free to our town mates. I just wish that the tree seedlings and vegetable seeds given to you will be planted. Take good care of them and let them grow,” Atchuela said.
                Vice Mayor Paz Sison Rafanan lauded the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist for maintaining the municipal nursery which she said was a big factor in making the town “full green.”
                “ The propagated seedlings in our nursery will help a lot in maintaining the eco-system. Nurture them well as we your officials have nurtured you,” Rafanan said even as she said in jest that the program will continue if the people will still vote for them in office.
                Councilor Cheryll Z. Tan, chair of the Sangguniang Bayan’s Committee on Environment, urged the village heads to sustain the tree planting activities in their villages.
                “ Tree planting is a continuing activity. Our environment is already sparse of tees. We have to give importance of trees for sustaining our environment,” Councilor Tan said
                The municipal nursery has the following forest and fruit bearing tree seedlings: G-melina (paper tree), jack fruit (langka), mahogany, narra, pomelo, camachile, acacia, guava, cacao, papaya , cashew and lemon.
                The next batch of recipients of these seedlings are the various schools in the municipality.


2012 Mayor’s Cup Awarding Ceremonies

               The Mayor’s Cup 2012 Inter-Barangay Basketball Tournament Awarding Ceremonies was held last May 18, 2012, 7:00 P.M. at the Villasis Public Auditorium.

                People from 20 barangays jam-packed the public auditorium and witnessed the most awaited awarding ceremonies. Joy and pride oozed from the exuberant winning teams, especially from Zone II Team that snatched the championship in the 2012 Mayor’s Cup.

                The Hon. SK Fed. Pres. Jamille Q. Sison welcomed the various barangays, while Hon. Vice Mayor Paz Rafanan and Hon. Mayor Dita G. Abrenica gave their inspirational messages.

                Certificates of Appreciation were given to all participating teams. Cash prizes and trophies were given to the 4 winning teams and the winners are:

                  Champion                     ZONE I  TEAM                    P30,000.00 plus trophy
                 1st Runner Up               BARRACA TEAM                 20,000.00 plus trophy
                 2nd Runner Up             BACAG TEAM                      15,000.00 plus trophy
                 3rd Runner Up             UNZAD TEAM                       10,000.00 plus trophy

              Best Coach    -ORVILLE DELA PEÑA      Zone II  - Trophy
              MVP Final      -DINDIN PADUA               Zone II  -  P1,000.00 + Trophy
              MVP Season  -JESREEL MANANTAN    Zone II  -  P1,000.00 + Trophy
              Mythical 5      -JESREEL MANANTAN    Best Guard – Zone II – Medal
                                    -DINO CABATO                   Best Guard – Barraca – Medal
                                    - ARJAY EVANGELISTA     Best Center – Unzad – Medal
                                    - DINDIN PADUA                 Best forward – Zone II – Medal
                                   - PAUL HARVEY BASCOS   Best forward – Bacag – Medal
              Mythical 10  - Medals
                          -Jesreel Manantan                            Dino Cabato
                          -Dindin Padua                                  Sadam Velasco
                          - Arjay Evangelista                           Clifford Ibay
                          - Paul Harvey Bascos                       Junar Pascua
                          - Jon King Evangelista                      Mac Mac Pascua
                Mr. Melchor R. Perez and Mrs. Merly S. Zambrano were the able Emcees during the affair and made the event more enjoyable, livelier and more memorable.

                Pictures below were taken during said occasion.


VTF 2013 Organized

                The organizational meeting of Villasis Town Fiesta 2013 was held last April 18, 2012, 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon at the municipal conference room. In attendance were Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, Vice-Mayor Paz S. Rafanan, SB Members, Department Heads, School Heads, Barangay Captains and Chairmen of various working committees last fiesta.
                Mayor Dita presided the meeting and informed everyone that after many years of popularity contests, Villasis Town Fiesta 2013 will be a Beauty Contest, with the following Executive Committee Officers, schedule of activities and chairmen of working committees.

                Chairman…………………………………………….  MR. JOSUE M. ABRENICA
                Secretary…………………………………………….  MR.MARIO “MG” GUARIN
                Treasurer…………………………………………….  MRS.MARLENE M. FRANCISCO
                Auditor……………………………………………….. SBM NICHOLI JAN LOUIE Q. SISON
                                                                                            SBM ROSARIO L. LIMOS
                                                                                             MRS. ANA A. EVANGELISTA

January 15-20, 2013

         January 15 (Tue)  A.M.…………………………..               THANKSGIVING DAY
                                                                                                FIELD DEMO
                                   P.M…………………………….               BARANGAY NIGHT
          January 16 (Wed)A.M……………………………               FIELD DEMO
                                   P.M………………………….. .               GAY NIGHT
         January 17 (Thu)  A.M……………………………               PATRON’S FEAST DAY
                                   P.M……………………………                SENIOR CITIZENS’/RETIREES’ NIGHT
                                                                                                /BALIKBAYAN NIGHT
        January 18 (Fri)    A.M……………………………                TALONG FESTIVAL
                                                                                                COOKING PINAKBET SA KAWA
                                                                                                STREET DANCING COMPETITION
                            1:00 P.M…………………………..                 TALONG COOKFEST
                            7:00 P.M…………………………..                 SEARCH FOR 2013 SINGING IDOL
        January 19 (Sat)   A.M…………………………..                 PARADE
                                   P.M…………………………..                 MISS VILLASIS 2013 BEAUTY PAGENT
         January 20 (Sun)  A.M………………………….                 SK DAY (Villasis Got Talent)
                                   P.M…………………………..                 SMB NIGHT


     Beauty Contest             ..…………………………………… MR.JOSUE M. ABRENICA
     Ways & Means            ..…………………………………… MRS. FE I. CALLANTA
     Programs & Invitations ….........…………………………... MRS. MERLY S. ZAMBRANO
                                                                                           MR. RICHIE A. SIBAYAN
     Accommodation            ....………………………………… MRS. VIVIAN G. MORDEN
     Street Decorations          ...………………………………… ENGR. RONNIE V. CACAPIT
                                                                                           MR. MARIO “MG” GUARIN
     Stage Decorations           ……………………………………MR. JOSUE M. ABRENICA
     Peace & Order                  ………………………………… PSI MARCOS L. ANOD
     Lights, Sound & Eng’g.   ………………………………….. ENGR. VLADIMIR P. TORRES
     Marshalls                      ....………………………………..  B/CAPT. JESUS R. LIMOS
     Thanksgiving Day        ..…………………………………..  PTR. MARTIN FAOILAN
     Field Demo               ....…………………………………..  MRS. GLORIA L. ARUEGO
                                                                                          MRS. MARILYN C. CABARTEJA
     Barangay Night         ....…………………………………..  ABC PRES. ROMEO S. ABRENICA
     Senior Citizens’/Retirees’ Night……......…………………   MR. CESAR I. MINA
     Talong Festival            ..…………………………………..  MUN.COUN. ROLANDO B. MORDEN
     Street Dancing
     Talong Cookfest            …………………………………..  DR.ROSALINDA S. LOCQUIAO
     Search for Singing Idol  ....………………………………..  VICE MAYOR PAZ S. RAFANAN
     Parade                         .…………………………………..  MR.FERDINAND M. SALES
     SK Day                  ......…………………………………..  SK FED.PRES. JAMILLE Q. SISON
     SMB Night              ......…………………………………..  Ex.Coun. BUTCH SISON
     Gay Night              .......…………………………………..  MS.MELODY FONTANILLA
                                                                                          MS. TETCHIE GUERRERO


If you are:

16 to 25 years old
With pleasing personality
Single with good moral character
Bonafide resident of Villasis or have roots in Villasis

Come and join the most prestigious Beauty Contest in the Search for Miss Villasis 2013!

For inquiries please contact office of the Mayor, 075-564-4009



Another pride of Villasis - Ensign(2lt) Vaneza Cabaltierra Casco

           Ensign Vaneza Cabaltierra Casco, a member of the PMA Bagwis Class of 2012 paid a courtesy call to Mayor Dita G. Abrenica last April 2, 2012. She is the first PMA female graduate from Villasis and ranks 19th among the 187 graduates last March 18, 2012.

           She is a resident of barangay Barangobong and a graduate of Barangobong National High School. During her visit, she personally thanked Mayor Dita and her staff for their support especially during her graduation. Mr. Mario Guarin, Private Secretary to the Mayor, attended her graduation in behalf of the Mayor.

           Another pride of Villasis! Congratulations!



      Youth development through sports is one of the foremost priorities of the present administration.

       March 26 was the opening of the 2012 Mayor's Cup, an inter-barangay basketball tournament participated by 20 barangays excluding La Paz, held at the Villasis gymnasium. This is a yearly (every summer) project of our municipal government, in coordination with the Federation of Sangguniang Kabataan of Villasis.

       As shown in the pictures, Mayor Dita and Vice-Mayor Paz were tossing the ball which signals the official opening of the said basketball tournament. Each team has its own muse who joined in the search for Miss Mayor's Cup 2012 .Winners were chosen on the spot and their cash prizes came from Mayor Dita's personal funds. Miss Dianne Inco of Unzad  is Miss Mayor's Cup 2012 with P3,000.00 cash prize followed by Miss Beverly Salazar of  Barangobong  and Miss Chrizaline Alcantara of Zone II as 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up respectively. Cash Prizes for this inter-barangay basketball tournament are as follows:

1st Runner Up......... 20,000.00
2nd Runner Up......... 15,000.00
3rd Runner Up..........10,000.00

      The tournament will go on until before the summer vacation ends. Also present during the opening were the Sangguniang Bayan Members, Barangay Captains and their respective SK Chairmen.

FREE BONE CHECK-UP - Women's Month Celebration

       Still in celebration of the National Women’s  Month, the Municipality of Villasis headed by Mayor Dita Abrenica, in partnership and cooperation with Anlene (a Fonterra Brand), conducted a Free Bone Health Check not only for the women of Villasis but also for all the men, as well, who wanted to avail of the said activity. The said activity was held on March 27, 2012, 9 AM – 3 PM at the Municipal Health Office, Villasis.

                There were 126 clients all in all, 95 of which are female and 31 were male. Bone Health Check is advised to be undergone by both genders, 19 years old and above, but more particularly by women because they are more at risk to osteoporosis than men, according to the Anlene Team Leader, Miss Rowena Taruc. Each client was assessed for his/her risk (whether low, moderate or high) to having osteoporosis using the GE Achilles Machine. After the determination of the risk of the client, he/she was counseled by the trained consultants on how to prevent having weak bones as we age or eventually having osteoporosis. There was also a free taste of Anlene products and later on the Anlene team did some selling of their products at discounted or promotional rates.

                The Anlene Bone Health Check was actively participated in by the Mayor herself, Madam Dita; the Municipal Health Officer, Dr. Hian Kiat C. Dy; the Nutrition Officer, Jennilee T. Abrenica; all MHO staff; and the LGU employees. All of them have undergone the bone checking and they were all able to know their risk and how to deal with it. It was pointed out by the consultants that Healthy Lifestyle – which includes proper diet, physical activity, smoking cessation, and avoidance of alcoholic beverages –is still the key to having sound body and mind.


        In its efforts to bring the doors of the municipal government nearer to the barangay people, LGU-Villasis under the stewardship of Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, started the 2nd wave of “Isangguni Kay Mayor”. Under this program, Mayor Dita conducts dialogues with barangay folks. In attendance are barangay officials, teachers, senior citizens, barangay health workers, CVO’s, tricycle drivers/operators and other sectors. During said dialogues, Mayor Dita, Vice-Mayor Paz & SB Members listen to the clamors, requests and complaints of their constituents. Usual request are: regravelling/concreting of barangay roads, rehabilitation of drainage system, additional toilet bowls and jetmatic pumps, medicines for the barangay health centers, repair/construction of school room/school buildings.Ex-Mayor Nato S. Abrenica, chairman of the Mayor’s Action Team stands as the moderator during said activities.
Pictures below were taken last February 28-March 13, 2012.

       After 6 months, Mayor Dita and company go back to the barangays and see if the requests/complaints are immediately acted upon.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

         The Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Queen Beatriz De Vera-Olivar Legislative Building was held last March 8, 2012 at 8:00 in the morning. In attendace were the municipal officials led by Mayor Dita G. Abrenica, Vice Mayor Paz S. Rafanan and Sangguniang Bayan Members, Barangay Captains headed by Liga President, Coun. Romeo S. Abrenica, Municipal Department heads, 2012 VTF Executive Committee and representative of the three reigning beauties:
        Beatriz De Vera- Olivar ( Mrs. Villasis 2012), Cristna Manantan-Abenes(1st Runner-up), Merlita Rayray-Magtaan (2nd Runner-Up). Rev Fr. Jun Laya, Asst. Parish Priest led the opening prayer and the blessing of the time capsule. As ahown in the pictures below, Mayor Dita and the municipal officials laying the time capsule. In her short speech, Mayor Dita once again thanked the townspeople of Villasis, here and abroad, for their continued support to te LGU-Villasis’ projects especially the conduct of Popularity Contests during fiesta celebrations. As we all know, the Mayor said, proceeds from fiesta celebrations have financed various infra project such as Regua Overpass, Municipal Town Hall, Public Auditorium, street lights from Brgy. Puelay to Brgy San Nicolas, purchase of Engineering Equipment, Municipal Ambulance, Mitsubishi L300, Fire Truck and now the renovation of the Legislative Building. These are all symbol of the strong unity and cooperation of the town leaders and the citizenry.
       On the other hand, Vice-Mayor Paz hopes that with the coming of the new Legislative Building, all the Sangguniang Bayan Members and their staff will become more dedicated and more inspired in their works as public servants.

As it was agreed before, whoever wins the title of Mrs. Villasis 2012 will have the naming rights, thus it will be named as QUEEN BEATRIZ DE VERA -OLIVAR LEGISLATIVE BUILDING.
The following are pictures taken during the event:


         In line with the Civil Service Commission MC8, s.2011, requiring all agencies to adopt “The Great Filipino Workout” as an integral part of the National Physical Fitness and Sports Development Program for government personnel, to develop a healthy and alert workforce, LGU-Villasis re-launches its Physical Fitness Program last Thursday, February 23, 2012.

        As early as 4:00 P.M. municipal officials and employees led by Mayor Dita G. Abrenica trooped to the Public Auditorium for said activity. All employees are required to join the “Taebo” session every Thursday. Mrs. Mae Villasr-Saavedra is the trainor/instructress.

       Pictures below were taken during the re-launching of Physical Fitness Program of Villasis with Mayor Dita giving the short message thanking those who attended and she said she hopes to see everybody on sports outfit next Thursday and every Thursday thereafter.

Anti-Littering Campaign

       The anti-littering campaign of Villasis is now in full force since February 1, 2012. According to Mayor Dita Abrenica, the Task Force Pangkalinisan was organized to oversee and implement the anti-littering campaign that was already approved by the Sangguniang Bayan through Municipal Ordinance No.90-240511.

        The Mayor instructed the Task Force to implement said ordinance with political will. Market Guards are deputized to apprehend the violators who will be meted the following fines and penalties:

                        1st Offense: P500.00 or 4 hours of community service
                        2nd Offence:P1,000.00 or 8 hours of community service
                        3rd Offence:P2,000.00 or 16 hours of community service

        Before the implementation of the ordinance during the whole month of December 2011, the municipal government conducted a massive information campaign in all 21 barangays. January 2012 was the dry run to give full implementation to visitors and the townspeople.

        Mayor Dita urged the townspeople of Villasis, visitors and barangay officials to cooperate in the implementation of the anti-littering ordinance. She said, “We want a Villasis that is free from litters and must be clean. It should conform with our tagline, “Sa Villasis, Malinis”.





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>>Construction of Access Road and Backfilling at agro Industrial Warehouse Phase II
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