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the home of Talong festival

SCROLL NEWS (May be serious, may be funny but ALWAYS TRUE!): ********** ********** ********** May we invite all Villasinian organizations here and abroad to submit their articles on their club activities. Please attach pictures. Please email your digital files to villasis_mpdc@yahoo.com


Last Canvassing

Canvassing 2017

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Villasis Still Number One!

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BARANGAY NIGHT: a night of tradition & celebration

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Barangay Night was held at the Villasis Auditorium on January 17, 2017 8PM. As a part of the celebration the leaders of the Province of Pangasinan and the Municipality of Villasis gave their inspiring and encouraging messages to the constituents. During the speech of Mayor Nato, he discussed some of the present projects...

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 Villasis Talong Festival Zumba Back to 90’s Party

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Health and fitness is a prime concern of all people and is highly advised to everyone. In order to be physically fit, we should maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing the advised diet, avoid taking substances that toxics the body, maintaining a happy and stress-free life and mainly having the regular exercise.  Exercises evolved over the years, from simply jogging and biking...

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Villasis Talong Festival 2017 Officially Starts

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Philippines is truly rich in culture. And Festivities is a social evidence of how we, Filipinos, are preserving the culture practices and traditions. Every year, Philippines celebrates different festivals around the country, it may be in the provinces, towns and cities of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  And later on, it has been known...

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Blessing of the New Solid Waste Management Truck and MDRRMC Rescue Vehicle 

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During the flag ceremony on January 9, 2017, Monday, Mayor Nato mentioned some of the projects to be implemented this 2017. The Electronic Business Permit and Licensing System which started last January 3, 2017 and the start of the resort project with the Three Million Performance Challenge Fund...

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Business Permit One-Stop-Shop starts in Villasis

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Electronic Business One-Stop-Shop started on January 3, 2017 and accommodates business owners. E-Business Permit and Licensing System Business One-Stop-Shop is a project of the Local Government Unit of Villasis wherein different departments and offices are gathered to cater to the needs of business owners...

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Infinitely Definite, Definitely Infinite

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(Bonni G. Fabia)

In today’s fast changing world with fast-paced lifestyle brought about by the world wide web, everything seems to be just a click...

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Villasis Town Fiesta 2017

 Schedule of Events


Thanksgiving Night    


- DRECMNHS Grand Reunion


- Senior Citizen's Night

JANUARY 16, 2017 - MONDAY          

Educator's Night


-Feast of Saint Anthony Abbot

-Barangay Night

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Villasis Town Fiesta 2017 Committees
Chairman                VM JESUS FRANCO A. SISON
Vice-Chairman         COUN. FELIX FERDINAND R. SISON
Secretary                MRS. VIVIAN G. MORDEN
Treasurer                MRS. CARMELITA B. MOLINA
Auditors                  DR. ROWENA MORENO
                             P/B AMADO C. CENIZAN
Popularity                    GM SUSAN Q. SISON
Ways and Means           MRS. FE IBAY-CALLANTA
Program and Invitation  MRS. MERLY S. ZAMBRANO
Accommodation            HON. LIBRADITA G. ABRENICA