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Sa Villasis, Maunlad at Malinis!

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the home of Talong festival

SCROLL NEWS (May be serious, may be funny but ALWAYS TRUE!): ********** PANGASINAN POLITICS heat up. First District Congressman and mayors declare support for the gubernatorial bid of Congressman Mark Cojuangco. ********** Congratulations to Villasis I Central School for having hurdled the evaluation to become one of the few Special Education (SpEd) centers in the province. It is now officially called as Villasis I Central School SPED Center ********** We are calling on all schools and departments of the LGU to submit their write-ups/ articles of their significant activities. Please submit them at the Office of the MPDC. We require hard and soft copies. Thank you. ********** Mrs. Villasis 2015 candidates, announced! They are Mrs. Flora Quiming-Garcia of Brgy. Lipay, Brgy. Capt. Beverly Osias-Orial of Brgy. San Nicolas and Mrs. Letty Casio-Wabe of Brgy. Piaz


VICS-SPED CENTER wins the District Science Quest


Emy Rose M. Novila

             The District Science Quest was held on September 11 and 13, 2014, at Piaz Elementary School. Villasis District I, headed by Mr. Ariel M. Fernandez, Principal I. It was participated by 8 schools in Villasis District I ,which competed in different events and areas in Science. Villasis I Central School SPED Center bagged...

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First 1,000 Days on Child Health and Nutrition

IMG 0454

Jennilee T. Abrenica

Mayor Libradita Abrenica joins in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Lady Municipal Mayors Association of the Philippines (LMMAP) and Partner Agencies – United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the National Nutrition Council (NNC). This was during the First 1,000 Days on Child Health and Nutrition Joint Cluster Meetings...

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Eye Check - up for Senior Citizens

Img 2

Haidee R. Suyat

The Office of Senior Citizens Affairs, under the Office of the Mayor headed by Dr. Belinda S. Barrozo and the LGU of Villasis, in coordination with the Federation of Senior Citizens Association of Villasis spearheaded a Medical Mission specifically eye check-up for a thousand Senior Citizens of Villasis who accompanied by their...

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Ligtas sa Tigdas, Magkaisa, Magpabakuna

DSC 0907

Jennilee T. Abrenica

This is the goal of the Department of Health’s (DOH) Mass Immunization of Measles, Rubella and Oral Polio Vaccine (MR-OPV-MI) for all under five children which kicks off on September 1 and will end on September 30. The Municipality of Villasis, led by Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica, strongly supports this nationwide...

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Buwan ng Wika Celebration, Induction of Class, Club and SPG Officers Held

img 2

Emy Rose M. Novila

Villasis I Central School-SPED Center celebrated “Buwan ng Wika” and held the Induction of Class and Club Officers on August 29,2014 at  Villasis Public Auditorium , with the theme “Filipino:Wika ng Pagkakaisa.” It was started with the opening prayer led by Mrs. Elizabeth A. Songcuan followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem,conducted by...

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Dep-Ed Division Personnel Visits VICS-SPED Center

 Dr. Soniega

Emy Rose M. Novila

Dr. Emeterio F.  Soniega Jr., Education Program Supervisor,in-charge of SPED, Values  and  Guidance  and Mrs. Arabella May Z. Soniega, Education Program Supervisor, in-charge of  Filipino Journalism,K-12 and Kindergarten visited Villasis I  Central School-SPED Center on August 14, 2014. They made a follow-through check/evaluation on the school’s facilities...

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Villasis Town Fiesta 2015 (Schedule of Activities)

 January 10 (Saturday) DRECMNHS Alumni Homecoming

 AM - Motorcade

 PM - Fellowship Night

 January 11 (Sunday)

 AM - Morning Band / Field Demonstrations

 PM - Thanksgiving

 January 12 (Monday)

 PM - TODA Night
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Who will be Mrs. Villasis?

Finally, we have three (3) candidates for Mrs. VILLASIS 2015 and we have finalized the schedule of activities for Town Fiesta 2015.

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Villasis Town Fiesta 2015 Committee
Chairman                 MR. FERDINAND M. SALES
Vice Chairman           COUN. ARVIN B. CASTRO
Secretary                MR. CATALINO M. GUARIN
Treasurer            MRS. JEANNA P. VILLABLANCA
Sub-Treasurer         MRS. CARMELITA B. MOLINA
Auditors                  MR. FERNANDO B. ORIAL
                             PSTR. ED AGBANLOG 
Popularity               DR. BELINDA S. BARROZO
Ways and Means      MRS. FE IBAY-CALLANTA

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