During his annual vacation with his family, Mayor Nato took time to visit kababayans in Rome. Welcoming Mayor Nato were Beth Orbizo, Mrs. Villasis 2017, Abe and wife, Ador and the officers and members of Villasinians of Italy Assn. (Rome) headed by Nestor Lazaro. Other members present were Bong Rafanan, Rodalyn Almendares, Juliet Paningbatan, Aida Tabalan, Marieta Lustina, Veronica M. Tuvera, Susan R. Collado, Melencio Collado, Elizabeth Carbonell. Teresita B. Tabolo, Edna Flor De Leon, Angie Macanas, Aurelio Bulatao, Joey Bulatao, Joel Bulatao, Elena Bulatao, Romirico Orbizo, Amelia Orbizo, Eliza Orbizo Maganes, Manuel Orbizo, Marita Maganes.

      The dinner was an occasion to reconnect and bond with the Villasinians of Rome. Mayor Nato, in his speech mentioned recent development projects, as well as results of the last local election and assured kababayans that the welfare of every Villasinians will always be his priority - agtultuloy nga natalna, naragsak ken narangay nga Villasis.

     In return, the association promised the Mayor, that they, too, will also help in other projects and endeavours of the municipality in the future.

      Arreviderci Roma!