Under the stewardship of Mayor Nato, the LGU-Villasis has put premium on education during the pandemic. After procuring 14 units of duplicating machines for the reproduction of much needed modules for the blended learning of public school students from the special education fund, the municipal government has once again purchased and distributed school supplies, facemasks, faceshields, alcohol and UV lights to the schools in the Municipality. In total, 31 pieces of master roll for the duplicating machines, 66 bottles of duplicating inks, 300 bottles of printer inks, 1000 reams of bobd papers, 33 units of external hard drives, 34 units of UV lights for disinfection, 750 sets of facemasks and faceshields and 67 gallons of 70% isopropyl alcohol was distributed.

      This is to show that the commitment to the education of our children is high in the priority of the Municipal Government.

School Supplies DepEd