BANGKOK, THAILAND – Mrs. Merly S. Zambrano, Librarian-Designate won First Place during the 2nd Convening of the Network of Emerging Filipino Library Innovators at the National Library of Thailand on July 25, 2019.

The poster entry which was presented by Mrs. Zambrano on the Call for Poster Presentation of Best Practices in Library Innovations was entitled Promotion of the Local Language/Dialect (Ilokano) that describes the promotion of the Ilokano dialect, the activities conducted in the creation of local language materials which involved teachers and how these materials were used by students to become fluent in reading and writing Ilokano through their Reading Challenge and has a last part that tells the impact to teachers, students and parents, to the library and its staff and to the community in general.

The contest was organized by the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) and the Network of Emerging Filipino Library Innovators (NEFLI) in which all public libraries in the Philippines are invited to submit their posters which were displayed at the National Library of the Philippines during the celebration of the 60th Public Library Day.

The entries were all subject for approval of the NEFLI Organizing Team, three (3) will be selected by the panel of judges. The entries of Urdaneta City Public Library, Valenzuela City Library, and Villasis Municipal Library were chosen as the Top 3. The respective librarians namely: Bernadine M. Gravela, Rochelle Silverion and Merly S. Zambrano presented their entries though a 10-minutes power point presentation wherein after the presentation Mrs. Zambrano was declared as the First Placer.12