By: Merly Sepnio-Zambrano




Summer Program 2019 dubbed as Children’s Day Out is now on its 5th Year.  This year’s celebration comprised of 3 classes with different activities that the participants enjoyed. 

For Class A (5 years old below) - Early Literacy and Numeracy.  The younger an individual is exposed to his surroundings, the more experiences and learnings he will acquire. Literacy can be taught and developed not only inside classrooms but in the library as well. The staff provided activities to participants which was done through games, songs and dances which were enjoyed the participants.  Since majority of the participants were starting to learn basic concepts, they were taught how basic counting, letters of the alphabets, shapes and colors. A storytelling was also rendered by Luke, 4 years old with the assistance of her grandmother, Dr. Jocelyn R. Mina, Elementary Public School Supervisor.

Meanwhile, Jeisler Clark O. Abrenica, 3 years old, also a participant, showed his awesome talent and ability in identifying more than 150 flags of the world. He was accompanied by her mother, Richie Ann, an employee of the Accounting Office of the Local Government of Villasis. According to her, she has seen interest in Jeisler identifying flags of the different countries when he was 2 years old.


For Class B (6-8 years old), the participants enjoyed the activity on the Promotion of the Local Dialect. The participants learned frequently used Ilokano words and phrases. Afterwhich, the participants had a written exam which turned out impressively. They also enjoyed the company of of one another in the Reading Duo activity wherein they will look for a partner, read book and share it to their fellow participants. On the third day of their classes, they had an craft activity where they learned how to make giant paper flowers which they decorated in a large do-it-yourself picture frame.

                On April 29 & 30, a Poster-Making Tutorial and Tips was facilitated by Mr. Nixson P. Sibayan, staff of the Municipal Engineering Office. He was a national awardee in poster-making during high school. He discussed about concept on sketching and symbols used in poster-making. He always taught the participants on how to blend colors and how to make an impressive posters. 

                For Class C (9-12 years old), they enjoyed the computer tutorial on fundamentals of computer, MS Word, MS Excel and using the Paint computer application. All participants were able to make colorful and artistic Paint outputs.