Health and fitness is a prime concern of all people and is highly advised to everyone. In order to be physically fit, we should maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing the advised diet, avoid taking substances that toxics the body, maintaining a happy and stress-free life and mainly having the regular exercise. 

Exercises evolved over the years, from simply jogging and biking and other kinetics, the exercises advanced in our contemporary lifestyle, it became aerobic. Dances became the new exercise of the netizens. And now, Zumba is the most popular aerobic exercise to the millennials.

Zumba is a fitness program created by a Columbian dancer and choreographer, Alberto Perez in the early 90’s. And later introduced all over the world including Philippines.

Zumba rapidly influenced the Filipinos, it became the main workout of everyone. People enrolled to different Zumba classes and even famous dancers and choreographers did a video dance tutorial and upload it into social medias including Youtube and Facebook.

And now, Villasis is promoting Zumba as the Municipal Officials held a Zumba Competition “ Back to  90’s Party” this Villasis Talong Festival 2017.

Zumba Competition in Villasis started last 2016 by the leadership of Municipal Councilor Nicholi Jan “Louie” Sison and continued this year.

This second year of the Zumba Competition, the finalists became more competitive and hyperactive during the contest.

This year’s Zumba Competiton trophies and cash prizes are donated by Ms. Marivic Ubaldo-Velasco, Mrs. Marietta Lao, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Agustin, Mr. Manny Manantan, Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Acosta and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bascos. The donors for the individual awards are donated by the Municipal Councilors of Villasis.

Performances of different entries are full of grace, enthusiasm and energetic. Each of them performed different routines and exhibitions.

But there is always a winner in all competitions.

This year’s Zumba Competition champion is the Don Ramon E. Costales Memorial National High School.

First runner-up, Villasis District 2; Second runner-up, Barangay High Schools; and the Villasis District I got the third place.

There are also individual awards for the Villasinians who attended the Zumba Party after the Zumba Competition.  The party is led by the Streetboys, Zinergy and Universal Motion Dancers.

For the individual awards, the Zumba King Award goes to Jeff Yadao and the Zumba Queen award goes to Agnes Wagayen

Best in Zumba Attire, male category, Leo Gavina and Ferdinand Austria; Best in Zumba Attire, female category, Grenda Mañago and Jennifer Regua. Most energetic award, male category, John Mark Pastoral; Most energetic award, female category, Agnes Wayagen.

There is also an award Young Once, and Once Young. Once Young award is given Mr. Florencio Cabading who is 67 years old. Once young award goes to Alyssa Quitlong who is four years old.

Workout doesn’t have to feel workout at all, with Zumba you just don’t exercise but also have fun.